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     I want to pose a few questions to you all.  Why is it so hard for some people to understand why someone would choose not to pay a small price for something, but rather take another way that would take longer and more work to get the same result, if the money charge goes against ones principles?   Such as if you had been getting something for free and then suddenly you are told you must do X amount of work or pay a small cash amount.  I would rather do the work to get what I want instead of paying the small amount in cash. I feel this way not because I could not afford the small amount, but rather because I think it is wrong to charge a price for something you had been getting for free for years, and some people still do get for free.
   Next question: Is it wrong to be annoyed with a friend when you lend them some money for a really good reason, and frankly do not care if you ever get it back, but they stop answering your calls to check on them , and do not call you back? Example: I have a couple friends that mean a lot to me. They are mother and daughter, but the daughter has always felt like my little sister. Over a year ago, we found out the mother had dementia and the daughter needed help to get her mom in a care place.  I very willingly loaned her the money and told her it was no hurry to pay it back. Frankly I do not even care if she never pays it back. I have received many blessings this year, but what does other me is when I call my friend to check on her mother she never answers the phone or returns the call.  She forgot to tell me where her mom was so I can not call her mom to see how she is doing.  Around my birthday this year I got 3 very beautiful birthday cards from my friend. What she wrote in the one was so sweet it made me cry.  There was no return address on any of the cards, and I tried to call her and thank her it went straight to voice.   Am I wrong to think she should give me a call and let me know how she and her mom are doing?  None of this has been about money.  I just want to know how my friends are doing.  It sucks with all this pandemic crap going on to hear nothing from them and to have no idea if they are even still alive or not.
     I have a problem with people breaking promises to me.  I was looking for a new fanny pack a few months back and found one I was thinking of buying.  Another friend of mine told me to go ahead and get it and that she and her sister would send me the money to pay for it as a Christmas present, so I did.  Christmas came and went and they did not keep their promise to send me the money for the fanny pack.   I have not said anything to them about it , because it was never about money, but am I wrong to have my feelings hurt that they promised to do something and did not do it, especially when I do not break promises to them?
    I do not need the money and that has never been the issue. My issue is how do you trust someone again who did not keep their word?  I have no intention of saying anything to them about it, but it hurts when she shows you what she got everyone else for Christmas and did not even send you a card after promising to pay for the fanny pack as your present.  I have never worried about money I have gave or lent to people.  There is something in the Bible that says (and I hope I quote this correctly I am sure if I do not someone will correct me lol)  Give to anyone who asks, and what things they try to take away from you do not try to get them back.
     And final question: Is it wrong to have hurt feelings about something even though you know in your heart you should not, because the person or persons that have hurt your feelings are just being who they themselves are?  When I get my feelings hurt I try not to let the person that did it without meaning to do it know that I am hurt, but it is hard sometimes.  Anyone who thinks any of the people I spoke about in this may read it. No worries there as none of them read blogs :)