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     It is nearly that time of year again.  I always get to remembering a bad move I made in anger about 4 years ago.   As I sit here wearing the beautiful brown Wyoming hood sweat shirt the first person ever to post on one of my blogs, I can not help but think back to the fight that happened about 4 years ago.  I spoke some words in anger, because I felt picked on and in doing so I lost someone I thought was a friend.   It just goes to show the words act in haste repent in leisure are so true.  If I had taken a couple steps back and calmed down instead of going off like a firecracker, Maybe just maybe we would still be friends.   I guess that is why people tell you to count to 10 before acting when you are angry.   That night it was not just anger fulling me.   My feelings were hurt and I reacted without even thinking about it.   THAT IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA!!!! You should always think things through even more so when you are mad, because your emotions will say things your brain would tell you is a bad idea.
     It is a hard thing to live with, but you can not make people like you if they do not want to do it.   Friendship is a 2 way street and one person can not make it work alone.   I am the one that put the pot hole in the road to our friendship, so my friend took another road across a bridge and burned it down after crossing it
     I will always remember it was around this time of year, because my birthday is early next month and the fight that broke the friendship happened near my birthday.  Sorry if no one is interested in this other then me, but sometimes people just need to let the feelings out.   If you hold them inside they will build a big wall between you and your ability to let it go.  Yes I realize I have not let it go yet, but it hurts a little less.   A friend told me I should get rid of everything my lost friend got me so they did not remind me of what happened.  I can not do that. Part of me hopes someday we may be able to fix the friendship again and part of me needs to remember.  If you forget the past you are condemned to repeat it.  These things that were given to me when I still had this sweet friend reminds me not to act that way with anyone else I want to keep in my life.  I am not one of these people that can throw the good away with the bad.