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I spoke to my niece today ( her daughter is pregnant) I had suggested the name Ricki Jean, but she did not like it. My great niece is thinking of calling the baby Oaklynn if it is a girl. Why she would want to name her child after a city is beyond me, but I bet she gets teased in school if she uses that name.
I pointed out to the grandma that oak or even oaklynn is a really bad name for a girl. I totally get the mom can name the child anything she wants, but I think they really should think less about giving the child and unusual name that will make them stand out from the other kids, and think more of a name that would be accepted by the other children and not make the child a subject of ridicule.
I know only too well what it feels like to have a bad name and have kids tease you about it. I never use my first name, because when my brother was little he could not say it. I will not tell you what he said, but I did not like being called that. Even Jane is not a great name to have when you are a kid. You will get see Jane run run Jane run when you are little, and then when you get a bit older you get Hey Jane where's Tarzan. The bad thing about it is there were many famous people named Jane over the years, and no one recognizes them when making comparisons. There were 2 Jane Seymour's and one gave birth to a prince. If you do a search you will find many successful women named Jane, but some never reach their true potential, because of the teasing from their school mates.
Shakespeare said, "What's in a name a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Would that that actually applied to real lives. I have noticed quite often what someone is named will effect their personality as they grow. I could offer a few examples but no need to drag any specific,just watch the actions of people who have the same name and you will see what I mean by their personality being effected by their names.
I say choose your children's names slowly and wisely, because they will have to use them a longgggggggggggggg time.