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Do you think when a guy puts a girl down trying to make her feel stupid he is really mean, or is it jus so he can in some way make himself feel smarter, or more powerful? Twice in the past 24 hrs I have had 2 diff guys say things to me to try to make me look stupid. Did they care that they made me cry? Nope not as long as they could put me down.

I do not know maybe it is because their self esteem is so low they need to do it to try to convince themselves that someone else is not as smart at them. Sometimes it is hard not to tell people off when they act like that, but sometimes you got to take the high road when it will not get through to them anyhow, and say nothing to them about it.

I do not know maybe it is just the heat that is causing my emotions to be so raw that the slightest little slur tares me apart and causes tears. It is kinda hard to keep your cool when everything around you is so hot and humid.

If you see yourself in any of this ask yourself WHY you see yourself in it.