Relationship status: married
Zodiac sign: virgo
Birthday: 1992-08-30
joined: 2013-08-31
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Points needed: 763
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Gold "Expert" Anniversary36 days ago
Gold "Expert" Anniversary
Rugby Clan71 days ago
Rugby Clan
Belgian Clan113 days ago
Belgian Clan
Earth Clan169 days ago
Earth Clan
King of Hearts196 days ago
King of Hearts
Super Woman224 days ago
Super Woman
Mighty Sphinx1 year 315 days ago
Mighty Sphinx
Silver "Legend" Anniversary2 years 33 days ago
Silver "Legend" Anniversary
Happy New Year 2019!2 years 296 days ago
Happy New Year 2019!
Gift Bag2 years 321 days ago
Gift Bag
100 Years Of Freedom2 years 345 days ago
100 Years Of Freedom
Silver "Expert" Anniversary3 years 36 days ago
Silver "Expert" Anniversary
Sweet Muffin4 years 264 days ago
Sweet Muffin
Red rose7 years 283 days ago
Red rose
Friends' hug 7 years 322 days ago
Friends' hug