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Dictator of today

I can not believe how this is possible in 2022? We have all access to information today. How is it possible that one person can fool a whole nation and commit war crimes, killing innocent people? Why or how is it that the Russian people doesn't stand up and say NO! How can a dictator be able to continue year after year and now the ultimate betrayal, invade a neighbor and commit mass murder??????
Russians show the rest of the world that you are not accepting these atrocities!

Provocative profile pictures

I know this page is for adults and not kids, still I think it is stupid to allow provocative pictures. Ever thought about that it is always naked women, never men? Not very often a nice little sexy picture. It is a picture with a girl with wide open legs and no underwares. Is that nice? If you think so, go to porn sites is my suggestion.
You know that it is most likely a middle aged dirty man behind those profiles. No women with dignity will put out pictures like that on their profile. Just saying.