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>>I deal my own deck Sometimes the aces sometimes the deuces<<
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Germany ball2 years 297 days ago
Germany ball
From: oldseilor
Tap 2 years 300 days ago
Goldfish 2 years 337 days ago
Sweet Panda 2 years 359 days ago
Sweet Panda
You're my Love2 years 364 days ago
You're my Love
From: Denise owens Brown
glad you saw the light
Easter Bunny3 years 14 days ago
Easter Bunny
From: oldseilor
shone weinahte
Easter Bunny3 years 16 days ago
Easter Bunny
From: Denise owens Brown
here is the right guy for you lol
Easter chicken3 years 18 days ago
Easter chicken
Blessed Easter Food3 years 20 days ago
Blessed Easter Food
From: Denise owens Brown
love, denise
Creamy dessert3 years 58 days ago
Creamy dessert
From: Denise owens Brown
Happy birthday sweetie
With Love... 3 years 58 days ago
With Love...
Cheers! 3 years 58 days ago
Bouquet for a Lady 3 years 59 days ago
Bouquet for a Lady
Coffee 3 years 60 days ago
Gift4U3 years 60 days ago
From: oldseilor
hapy valetin day
Diamond heart 3 years 60 days ago
Diamond heart
Heart Donut3 years 63 days ago
Heart Donut
From: Denise owens Brown
love ya ! lol
Square Donut3 years 67 days ago
Square Donut
Smacznego :) ))))
Teddy bear 3 years 71 days ago
Teddy bear
You're my butterfly3 years 73 days ago
You're my butterfly
From: Denise owens Brown
so true
Joyous bear 3 years 78 days ago
Joyous 	bear
From: Denise owens Brown
here is a fleece for you take care of him :)

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