Relationship status: single
I want to play with: women, men
Looking for: friendship, entertainment
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Birthday: 1997-11-24
joined: 2019-12-10
Planet rock radio Where rock lives,g_custom/v1605606124/brand_manager/stations
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Points needed: 157
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Rummy 500

Rummy 500

Rummy 500
12 hours ago
Miss Beauty 1 day ago
Miss Beauty
Butterfly 6 days ago
Bouquet of carnations 9 days ago
Bouquet of carnations
You're unforgettable 21 days ago
You're unforgettable
Lollipops 22 days ago
Sweet Women's Day 27 days ago
Sweet Women's Day
Smooch 27 days ago
Smooch 29 days ago
Red Wine 31 days ago
Red Wine
Chocolate Bunny 32 days ago
Chocolate Bunny
Easter Rose Egg 34 days ago
Easter Rose Egg
Friends' hug 38 days ago
Friends' hug
Easter Bunny38 days ago
Easter Bunny
Bouquet of carnations 38 days ago
Bouquet of carnations
Lollipops 39 days ago
Miss Beauty 42 days ago
Miss Beauty
Champagne 2021 42 days ago
Champagne 2021
Smooch 45 days ago
Bouquet for a Lady 49 days ago
Bouquet for a Lady
Love Bouquet 49 days ago
Love Bouquet
Bouquet of carnations 51 days ago
Bouquet of carnations