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"blah blah blah" SHUT UP, IDIOT!!! ~RIGS~ ﭢ ㋛ ꐠ /
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Orange 9 years 92 days ago
Healthy diet9 years 94 days ago
Healthy diet
from oregon to cali- I WILL SWIM!! gigglying!! i hope you understood these gift messages. read in proper sequence.PLAH LEEEZE
Cute piglet9 years 94 days ago
Cute piglet
(missing you MAKING ME SMILE!!! jan.feb.mar.april.may. if decide to continue to exist- i am going to gym!! from oregon (continue
Camera9 years 94 days ago
took some pictures. when i figure out how to do it!! HA!! on comp. youll be won of the firsties to sea! MISSING you (continue-
Money9 years 94 days ago
money money money MONEY!! slept in bed with a book at thanksgiving-debating whether to go to new mexico for xmas
Fireplace9 years 94 days ago
much sweeter dreams for you always..smiles...been hermiting...had a quick ride on a harley, and semi truck-been in SNOW I LOVE
Tropical drink 9 years 104 days ago
Tropical drink
Fireplace 9 years 105 days ago
Warming tea 9 years 108 days ago
Warming tea
Fireplace9 years 108 days ago
Deck of cards 9 years 109 days ago
Deck of cards
Money9 years 119 days ago
ha HA. LAUGHING SO *HARD* when received your last goodie message!! smiles...need billions of bucks, then i play!!! smiles
Kiss 9 years 120 days ago
Magic lamp9 years 120 days ago
Magic lamp
another happy lucky woo hoo jackpot win, mr. riggy, got the jiggy!! how did you get that free bonus to stick??!!!smilesssss
Jack-o'-lantern 9 years 128 days ago
Jack-o'-lantern 9 years 128 days ago
Warming tea9 years 137 days ago
Warming tea
I LOVE THISSSSSSSSS...in a british accent- a cup of tea? still NUTSO
Lady bug9 years 147 days ago
Lady bug
Good day, dear! Sweet kiisses ;*
Yacht9 years 152 days ago
if you cant get your cruise, how about a yacht?! when i win lottery, i will get you real cruise. smiles
Trophy9 years 152 days ago
*spoiled* here is your trophy for success in your health regime...smiles
Candy box9 years 152 days ago
Candy box
they say, if you want something- give it. i wanted this on my bd, so i am giving it to you and me..smiles

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