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"blah blah blah" SHUT UP, IDIOT!!! ~RIGS~ ﭢ ㋛ ꐠ /
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Guitar pick9 years 255 days ago
Guitar pick
wow, congrats. on your jackpot!!! smiles.
Ice pop9 years 260 days ago
Ice pop
Its all I have :/ But its good and sweet like you, my friend! kisses :*
Strawberry in chocolate9 years 261 days ago
Strawberry in chocolate
you can talk on my wall. smiles. hope, that daily your are well. FRIEND. pretend that chocolate is dark. smiles.
Guitar pick9 years 268 days ago
Guitar pick
FRIEND. you can comment on my wall! smiles. i am retiring early. reading a book. and happily happy you made me smile.AGAIN
Guitar pick9 years 268 days ago
Guitar pick
oops. not corrigble. INCORRIGBLE. 2 OUT 18 picks to go
Guitar pick9 years 268 days ago
Guitar pick
YW. please get a tissue, instead of your finger! youre corrigble. trying not to LAUGH
Golden heart9 years 268 days ago
Golden heart
u better be the *m.s.* and i l u 2, FRIEND. now we have 2 matching shapes, just different colors
Deck of cards9 years 272 days ago
Deck of cards
Daisies9 years 272 days ago
Especial Heart for you, my dear Rigs! Sleep with angels! Kisses kisses :* :* :*
Guitar pick9 years 276 days ago
Guitar pick
oh my!!! your gonna make me cry!! you are a lucky dawg!! now you have 3 jackpot iconsssss....wowwwwwwww. platonic kyss
Guitar pick 9 years 276 days ago
Guitar pick
Summer sun9 years 276 days ago
Summer sun
Happy weekend Sweet !! Kisses
Pearl 9 years 277 days ago
Cash tree9 years 280 days ago
Cash tree
7 hours ago!! oh my god!! that was probably MY jackpot when i had 2 queens, and the preflop had a queen, i bet all in.CONGRATS!
Pot of gold9 years 285 days ago
Pot of gold
CONGRATS! poker jackpot! you got the ICON!! wooo hooooo! smiles. i am still waiting on my bingo jackpot icon! b ok with this.
Guitar pick9 years 293 days ago
Guitar pick
want to give back his gift, which alone can give, but with much love for you. Thank you. I love you my sweet friend, always...Ki
Guitar pick 9 years 297 days ago
Guitar pick
Navigation9 years 298 days ago
i am being NOSY - sea if you had a WISHLIST! **be okay that i sent you this..obviously you dont need help in navigation
Kiss 9 years 299 days ago
Guitar pick 9 years 300 days ago
Guitar pick
Flip-flops 9 years 300 days ago

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