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"blah blah blah" SHUT UP, IDIOT!!! ~RIGS~ ﭢ ㋛ ꐠ /
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Money8 years 253 days ago
definitely needs more gifts to choose from. i can send you technically 2 gifts. smiles. here is some green. cha ching!
Coffee8 years 258 days ago
Hi Rigs :*:D have a nice evening :D:D
Soccer ball 8 years 263 days ago
Soccer ball
Ice coffee 8 years 263 days ago
Ice coffee
Tropical drink 8 years 266 days ago
Tropical drink
Spring flowers8 years 270 days ago
Spring flowers
Hello .Mr Rigs* . i always like your blogs .thank you and God Bless you have a nice day
Deck of cards 8 years 272 days ago
Deck of cards
Summer sun 8 years 275 days ago
Summer sun
Friends' hug 8 years 275 days ago
Friends' hug
Orange 8 years 277 days ago
Kiss 8 years 279 days ago
Raspberry drink 8 years 299 days ago
Raspberry drink
Cherry cake8 years 308 days ago
Cherry cake
I left you a message on fb...this is oenothea..i explained on there... thank you for your comment..yes its really me :)
Lady bug8 years 311 days ago
Lady bug
here is a lucky lady bug for you. for me, i iz bugged out ovah b i n g o, b i n g o, b i n g o and bingo was my zero
Venetian mask8 years 322 days ago
Venetian mask
ostun! do you know what that means? HOPE YEE ARE WELL!
Mimosa8 years 322 days ago
mimosa. this flower. wondering does it taste like champagne and orange juice?? be a good dried tea, THEN*
Pandeiro8 years 322 days ago
JUNE BUG, means, i will be a bugging you in june! what is this thing? pandeiro. guess i could search word. latah!
Orchids8 years 322 days ago
ostun!! in the house. lights will stil be off for a bit. but oh my gawd- May, is my beginning. and june, i will a JUNE BUG
Chicken 8 years 333 days ago
Easter bunny8 years 333 days ago
Easter bunny
From: liz_sp
Happy Easter! kisses
Easter basket 8 years 333 days ago
Easter basket

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