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Pass a good time”Louisiana is all about fun, and locals and visitors love to pass a good time, which means to have a good time
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Golden Reels Casino Slots

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easy going---the pic you see of me is real me not fake-- I want people to like me for who i am---not fake
Músicas favoritas:
swamp pop---classic rock---blues---classic country
Coisas que eu gosto:
karaoke---going on long trips--my truck
Coisas que eu năo gosto:
stupid people---smart asses---fake people

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  • Loly11 horas h
    hello Dan ty for so nice vid
    • denverc2 horas h
      you very welcome Loly & thank you 2for nice vid
  • Suzy_Q6914 horas h
    Den,,,,, as it was said before me -- Beautiful video!!! Thank you for sharing that and hope your weekend is great also... Hugggsssssss
    • denverc2 horas h
      thank you Suzy & you are very welcome (((((((hugs))))))
  • Hey Den, Thank you for the beautiful clip. Wonderful words and lovely music too. Hope you're feeling better and your weekend is awesome. <hot chocolate
    • denverc2 horas h
      thanks Ann & you are very welcome
  • Hiya Den,,, ty vm for the beautiful vid. And get well soon,, glad you are getting better!
    • denverc3 horas h
      thank you & you are very welcome
  • Eleni@ya71 dia h
    Hi Den ty for video and hope you get well soon
    • denverc1 dia h
      Thanks Eleni---- getting there
  • joanna081 dia h
    Love the video Den, Thank again and prayers for you for a speedy recovery. Oh and nice profile pic What kind of surgery did you have
    • denverc1 dia h
      thanks Jo---no surgery--just bad case of pneumonia--getting better now
    • Suzy_Q6914 horas h
      (Don't tell anyone, but Jo gets easily confused lol )
  • LOL Den....good one
    • denverc1 dia h
      thought it was kind of funny myself
  • Suzy_Q692 dias h
    Dennn,, Hope you have a great weekend and love the new"pic" you have lol
    • denverc1 dia h
      thanks Suzy--u2
  • Loly7 dias h
    Have a great sunday..ty for the video,,God give you good healthy Blessings
    • denverc7 dias h
  • simplyme06268 dias h
    TY for the video,,, and hope u are feeling much better now,,, TC ,, ty again!!
    • denverc7 dias h

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