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if you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun
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thanks to the Protesters, no PUA extension and 2nd Stimulus check

What are these guys thinking? fighting the gov and and city all day and night long.  Then riots, fires, looting, and expect more money?  Instead of saying thank you for giving us extra money, and rent freeze, they go out and fight.  Now we are all screwed.  Cause this corona thing is not going away any time soon, and no vaccine for over a year.  I'm sorry but these protesters, have messed things up.  The are very ungrateful for what the gov has done for them.  They should be in a 3rd world country, where they get nothing.

Same Dummies Posting half naked pictures

Amazing these girls never stop, wonder even if they are girls behind the posts.  And I bet you any amount if they are girls, its not their real pictures.  Men will look at anything half naked these days.

Same old Jane, Showing off as usal

After all this time, she still needs to see her name on the left side when you log on, if its gone, Boom, there goes another blog for her, and the sad thing is now, I just found she is also leilakalomi, she has 2 names and posts on both of them, man that is sad, get a life and a man or something, What a loser nerd you are.  Wouldn't be surprised if you had more then 2 accounts.

Turned out the Same in the end

All this time has passed by the nerd girl dragon, still loves to she her name on the blog list as soon as you log on, so many have stopped looking at her silly posts, and i dont blame them. Some people just love atttention.  You can tell what a lousy childhood someone has had.

Phony Dragon and company

Don't know where to start, I thought the WWE was fake, but some people on here are way pass that.  Then they act they so high class and so sophisticated and that life owns them something.  Then again, whey you a trump fan like them you cant expect too much.  Don't you just hate it when some one used big fancy words just to show off?

Porn Site

My god this place is turning to an advertisement for Porn sites.

Blue Devil

I have noticed and so many others too, there are a lot of fake Blue Devil profiles been added lately, they are not me. Some jealous people that wish they was.  Most likely the one they Call Astley a dirty old man from austrailla.


That's right this is a blog about nothing.  Cause so many post on here with nothing to say, they just want to see their names on here over and over, and you know who you are.

RE Buy torunaments

Not for nothing I have noticed all these fancy rebuys are a waste of time, there is no skill involved, its who has the biggest bankroll, all they do is go all in every turn, then rebuy, wow.  That's why I stopped doing them.

Trump in 2020? For real?

If people can't see all the bad things he has done, then they are blind.