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3-5-8 (Sergeant Major)

4.5 (votes: 51)
Seargent Major game, also known as 3-5-8, is an effective cure for boredom. The fact that it is the favorite game of the British (and not only British) soldiers speaks for itself. 18 deals, 3 players, 52 cards, simple but thought rules - and you can't stop it! The perfect game for good strategists and masters of planning. The one who get proper number of tricks and who has the highest score is the winner. This free online card game connect players from all around the world.

Online game for strategists

Test yourself by deciding on the course of the deal.

3-5-8 – the cure for boredom

Boredom at work? Boredom at home? Collect tricks, we will tell no one…

International community of players

The growing community of players from all over the world make this game more and more interesting.

Card game for everyone

Perfect game for the beginners in the world of card games