Know a lot of words? Try WordPlay and find out!

How to play WordPlay - game rules

The board

The Wordplay board consists of a 15x15 grid of cells, where players place letter tiles. Up to four players can play the game simultaneously. At the game beginning each player is given seven letter tiles which are drawn from the bag. Having completed a move, a player is given the number of letter tiles which replenishes the seven letter tiles given. A player's letter tiles are concealed from the opponents. Initially, the bag contains 100 letter tiles. The letter tiles are of different colors, which determines their point values. The number of the letter tiles which are left in the bag is displayed below the board next to the available letter tile field. There are two blank tiles among a player's tiles, which can replace any letter. A player's move is about placing at least a two-letter word using the letter tiles from the rack. The points are scored by summing up the values of the letters that the words which are placed on the board consist of as a result of the move. If letter tiles are placed on the bonus or special cells, the player scores extra points or influences the game in a way.

Placing a word

In each turn a player can combine a word placing any number of letter tiles on the board, decide to exchange the tiles or pass. The player who starts the game must place a word so that it is placed on the cell in the center of the board.

The central part of the board game designed to WordBox. Pink box represents the starting position in the game.

The next words are placed in the following way:

  • A new word can be placed using the existing letter tiles on the board but the new word must include one of the letters of the existing word or add at least one new letter to it,
  • A player can extend a word on the board by placing the letter tiles on its one or both ends,
  • A player can place a new word which is parallel to the existing one so that the neighboring letters at the right angle also combined correct words.

When one of the players completes a word, the "Move" option is selected and the opponent(s) can accept or check it with a dictionary. It is done by selecting "Accept" or "Check" in the menu. If all the opponents select the "Accept" option, the placed letter tiles remain on the board. If one of the opponents selects the "Check" option, and the questioned word is not in the dictionary, it is removed from the board and the tiles return to the player who has placed them. If one of the opponents selects the "Check" option, and the questioned word exists in the dictionary, he loses his turn.


When a player decides to exchange the letters, they should move the selected letter tiles to the field on the right of the counter of the letter tiles left in the bag as well as select the "Exchange" option. The exchange is only possible when there are at least seven letters in the bag. Each player is allowed to exchange letters three times during one game.

The exchange of letters in the Wordbox game.


Each player is allowed to resign from performing a move by selecting the "Pass". Nevertheless, if all players pass twice in two successive turns, the game is over. If the move time limit is switched on in the game and a player has failed to combine a word and to select the "OK" option on time, the move is regarded as passed.