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...we found love in a hopeless place
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Poker Texas Hold'em

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"She has flowers on her head, and a lot of butterfly in her stomach. She is sometimes" boring ", I confess, a bit tough, even very hard. Very sensitive, too. She is full of defects, like everyone else, humor, according to what she feels, because she is very "authentic", can not pretend emotions, but owns a big heart. On the other hand she likes to observe the stars, since she was little, she is dreamy, and for her , there is nothing, explain, the intensity of the BRIGHTNESS of your LOOK!
It was not our time, it was not our way. We got lost at some point, maybe we stumbled on some rocks and then we fell into the abyss. We tried to balance ourselves, we clasped our hands together, we did not want to let go, but it
was over. We followed the same road, we liked to admire the horizon, the sky showed a confidence that the paradise goes beyond what the eyes could see. And, well, I came to believe that this would be our limit. Even without having known a comma during our journey, the fate was cruel and presented us face
to face with the final point.
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