Katılım: 11.02.2012
Veracity ,Truth, Honesty

Gamedesire and Mistakes

Support team is not really supportiveyou have very strict rules you don't have an approach to make players happy You have commercial profit priority, this is understandable, but In my opinion, your every move involves an approach contrary to the profitability of your site. You do not take any of our suggestions and complaints into consideration.You stand firmly behind the wrong moves that you think are right  This situation causes you a lot of loss, but either you are not aware of it or you insist on not seeing or understanding that this is the case. Your company policies are so meaningless that you have a lot of users who think that you can't come up with a policy, that it's very illogical. Your only chance is that your site is of high quality in terms of content and that you do not have a serious competitor in this regard. But if a serious competitor emerges, your users will leave your site in large groups or even en masse.Users will continue to be on this site even if you do not make any development until that day, if you continue your policy,  İf you continue your illogical approach instead of working to make your users happy and have fun. Maybe some of them will lose their patience and leave and you don't care. I don't think so, but I hope you come back from your mistakes.