Katılım: 15.04.2014
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     I like many others who have not caught that flu have been busy lately.   I have a friend who got stuck working 3 shifts back to back because the replacement could not get in to work with this weather.   This winter's weather has hit everyone hard and then you add the flu and the bronchitis outbreaks it s amazing things are still functioning.   There is a bright side though it is Feb 7.   Two more months of this at most and the weather will get better the flowers will bloom, and people will not be trapped inside with all the germs.   I know I can not wait.   I am allergic to several flowers, but the stuffy head will beat the shivering from the cold any day.  When it is cloudy like it was today all I really want to do is sleep.  n1.117.gif  But if I do sleep too much I feel like I am wasting what life I have left.   I will be 60 on March 3, and the loss of my brother 2 years ago has made me ever present of the fact we are not  assured we will even have a tomorrow, so we should not waist one minute of today.   I try not to think about the fact my brother was only 10 years older then me, because we have sisters who are 4 and 6 years older then he was, and they are still with us.  
     We should all find joy where and when we can, because you may not get another chance at it again.   Every day is a gift and we should always use it in the best way.