مهتم بـ: إناث, ذكور
يبحث عن: صداقة, التسلية
Zodiac sign: الحوت
تاريخ الميلاد: 03-20
قام بالانضمام: 2010-08-28
"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you gonna get." Play on or not play anymore? That is the question!
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النقاط المتبقية: 38
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ما جونغ

ما جونغ
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ما جونغ

ما جونغ

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eXPerience eXPert
Enter the temple
First hit


هدايا: 1400


I am an ordinary man with the advantages and disadvantages.
A bit of nature, history, marine, astronomy,music..
الأفلام المفضّلة
They must be interesting for me
Sf: Star Wars,Alien,Lord of the Rings,Hobbit,Avatar,Forrest Gump,Shawshank Redemption
Series: No! not Bold and the beautiful!!. I like Stargate SG-1,Stargate Atlantis,Grimm,Supernatural
الموسيقى المفضّلة

A little heavier. But this is not the rule.
It depends on my mood. So it can be really different .AC / DC, Metallica ... soundtrack
الكتب المفضّلة
Lord of the rings,Samurai!,08/15,The Witch World...
أشياء تعجبنى
Nature, summer, sun, rain, sincerity and truth, nice and honest people.
Manjong and bonuses
أشياء لا تعجبنى
I don't like sleep long, lies, hypocrisy, false people, the ignorant's ,dimmers...
...drunk drivers! This killers behind the wheel!! I despise them!!
"People" abandoning their beloved animals. Soulless b*st*rds without heart and conscience!!

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