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Backgammon ist eines der ältesten Brettspiele der Welt.
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So wird gespielt Backgammon - Spielregeln


After launching the application you will encounter main Lobby window. You will quickly find out, that it's divided in three fully scalable sections:

The main window to play Backgammon contains a list of room, players and built-in chat

The Center is reserved for Tables, bottom for Chat and right column is for Room informations.

Getting Started

You can start the game in two ways:

button allows you to join the selected Backgammon table. The simplest way is choosing Join button and entering existing table, created by another player. This option allows to enter the table and start the game if opponent is willing to play.
button allows you to create new Backgammon table. Second option is Create Table button, visible above tables list. It allows you to create your own table with chosen parameters. Number of possible tables for one player is defined by room administrator.

After entering a Table ask the Opponent to start the game. Simply click on Start Game button or ask your Opponent to do so.

Tables list

Tables are organized in a list, showed in the top-center area of game window. Here you can see all tables in the Room with few basic bits of information about each one. Lets have a look at what you can find out about each table:

Table number and name

Game options

Players nicknames and number of watchers
The panel of the table to play Backgammon contains information about the game and allows you to join or observe the game on the table. Game time and move limit
Game stake (ranking, GameChips) Additional game rules

Table settings and icons:

GameChips GamePlaying here player can lose or win GameChipsFor advanced players
SafeGameGame is saved in case of player disconnectionA game doesn't end when player leaves table
Private TableInvitation-only table, closed for publicOnly host can invite players
QuickStart! TableFor players using QuickStart! optionFastest way to play
Game / Move TimeTime limit set for whole Game or/and one MoveGames without time limits are easier. Game with time limits are faster and harder.
Rated GameGame result will affect player RatingLearn how to play on tables with unrated games

You can organise your tables list:

button to filter the tables in backgammon game.„Table Filter” allows you to only see those tables that interest you and hides all other tables from view. If you once again want to see all tables, set the first four menus to Not Important and uncheck the three checkboxes at the bottom.
Display Options for tables in backgammon game. „Table View” button allows you to change view of all tables in room. You can view table list using predefined views: Big Icons, Small Icons, No Icons, No Settings, Super Small, List. Try them out and pick the best one for you.

Creating your table

When creating your table, remember about two important things. First of all, some of settings may be forced by Room options and you won't be able to change them (described options will be faded out then). Secondly, choose your Table settings wisely, because You won't be able to change them in another way than by creating it again from the beginning.
Pick The button allows you to set up a new table to play Backgammon. button and you will find window with detailed settings of your new Table:

The panel is used to create a new table for Backgammon and enables you to configure the table.

Money & GameChipsOptions for advanced users. Here you will find settings for playing with real money or virtual GameChips. This kind of tables will usually be created by system or administrator in public rooms.
Game RulesAdditional game rules.
Identification & AccessPick name for your table and invitation for everyone entering. Now define do you want create table for automatically running games with random or entering players (QuickStart!) or completely closed for public invitation-only (Private table). At the end, allow or not watchers and guests to enter or access chat.
SecurityDecide if you want to give your opponent possibility to return to game after disconnection. When he will be offline, time will freeze. Maximum allowed disconnections is set to three.
Game/Move TimeSet time limit for every move or whole game on created table. This controls game speed (shorter time limits equals faster game play).
RatingTable with games whose result will affect the Rating of the players. Every player has a Rating which is based on the number of games played, number of games won vs. games lost, number of games abandoned, etc.

Players list

„Players in room” list shows you all players present in particular room. Below you have three tabs: Lobby, main one, showing all players, Friends and Ignored lists, set by You. By using Setup button to display the list of players selected by the filters. icon (next to Rating), you can set detailed players information you want to see on your list.

Right-clicking on player nickname, in every place it's displayed, will give you menu as shown on screen above. Depending on actual situation, possibilities are:

List of players in the game backgammon.

Private / Close ChatOpens or closes tab for private conversations with user.
Add / Remove from Friends List“Friends” tab is a list of your favorite players, which makes it easier to find the people that you are friends with.
Add / Remove from Ignored List“Ignored” tab is a list of players from which you don't want to receive any messages. That player will not be able to start a private chat with you or invite you to play a game, also you won't see what ignored player writes on the main lobby.
Player ProfileOpens small window with Player Profile informations.
Full Profile - WWWOpens browser with detailed Player Profile on Website.

This list may vary, depending on your status. For example, if you're an administrator, you will find here administrative options.

Personal options

At the top-right side of game window you will find three buttons - Options, described below, Help, linked to help section of site and Find, for finding detailed players profiles . Below is the name of the room you are at the moment. You can change room, using next button “Change room”.
Button to configure your personal player. Options button allows you to set some important personal game options.

InvitationsDecide if you want to be invited by other players to play game with them. Then set options, if you reject to play with ignored players, all players or guests.
Chat filtersDecide if you want to receive private messages from ignored players or all players.
Chat locationDisplay chat from friends and system messages in different color or separate tab.
SoundsSwitch on/off Game Status Alert sounds and Room & Table sounds
Font sizeChange size of font used in all game windows. Changes will take effect after restarting application.
About RoomDetailed information about Room configuration
About ServerInformation about game servers


In Chat window you can see what other players wites to main Lobby of the particular room. In form of tabs, You will also find here all private messages from other players send to You.

Built-in chat in the game backgammon

Button to add emoticons. Using many sets of icons you can build here your own emoticon, which will be visible in chat.

Button to set the language shortcuts. Set most frequently used defines to improve your chat and response quickier.

Report a violation. Raport abuses on chat directly to admins.