Galactic Battle


Intergalactic Poker Tournaments are already an event with an established reputation. Every few years, players from all corners of the cosmos come to the chosen planet to check out and emerge between the Intergalactic Master.

This time, the aliens came to Earth, but before everything starts - our guests have to complete their teams.
Before you choose team to join - meet the Leaders of each clans and see who will present you the best contract offer.
Every day (from Tuesday to Friday) we will present two newcomers from space - along with information about additional prizes that they decided to give to their players.

Galactic Battle will start right now!


Puppis Constellation - the youngest of all competitors - a representative of the galaxy in the constellation of the Canis Major Overdensity. Puppy is an absolute rookie in Star Tournaments, so it's hard to say anything about him. It isn’t known that his game is cautious or risky and what is the level of his skills. Will he be able to threaten the Brains In A Vat, or will he rather compete with the not too volatile Roswell Greys?
For all who will join the Puppis Constellation team, lead him to victory and accumulate at least 500 points will be awaited by the SURPRISE AWARD.

Cosmic Octopodes - it isn’t known exactly what the Galaxy represents Octopodes, but a lot is known about how he plays. He's a typical poker MANIC and he loves to be in the center of attention, avoids the boredom at the table. Chaos and element are the environment in which he feels best. He never goes to the game with a plan, which in the long run usually ends in spectacular defeats ... All his defeats dropped on the lack of hands, which at the poker table are supposedly unable to replace by his tentacles.
Among all players who will sign up for this clan and will score at least 500 points during the game - Cosmic Octopodes will send out June 28 at 2PM UTC special notifications. 5 the fasters players, who click into notification, will get $250,000 chips.

Brains In A Vat - this player came to Earth from the Large Magellanic Cloud - the largest galaxy located near the Milky Way. This is a brainer type of player, who constantly analyzes and bases the game on complex mathematical formulas he created himself and which is the only one in the universe able to understand. In the previously played Intergalactic Tournament he won in almost all - therefore also now he is considered as favorite of the approaching Battle of the Clans.
Brains, how few people can appreciate professionals - if the winner of the Individual Ranking will be also a member of his clan, and his score exceeds 25,000,000 grind points, the winner's account will be credited (June 28) with a special Bonus: $25,000,000 chips!

Roswell Greys - the trip of this player to Earth was not the most pleasant one. If you have just heard of the Roswell (Mexico) disaster, it's easy to connect all the facts. After spending many years in Zone 51, Grey managed to escape from the place of isolation and put in the Intergalactic Clan Battle. Unfortunately - years of scientific experiments didn’t remain without consequences in his case. Grey's brain shrunk to the size of a peanut, and therefore he can hardly remember the simplest poker arrangements. Often it happens to him to consider that the "pair" is stronger than "poker", and without having any strong card he can bid with his opponents. If he fails to collect good players in his team - he won’t play any serious role in the Galactic Battle.
For all players who join the Grey’s Clan and earn at least 500 points, our hero has predicted a special prize - 50 Gold package for free use on GameDesire!

Space Brawlers - Ursa Major I Dwarf, which is far 330,000 light years from Earth, is his native Galaxy. Until now he never wins in spectacular way in the Intergalagtic Poker Tournaments, but he is well-known to instigate brawls and rows when opponents get better cards than him. He is explosive and aggressive, and his favorite tactic is bluffing. Unfortunately - when he bluffs with a strong card layout - he can’t stop a wide smile that instantly exposes him.
He can’t handle the Galactic Clan Battle alone, so he counts on your help and he is willing to award 25 best helpers with the sum of $10,000,000 chips! As long as he can succeed for the first time!

Popup Eyes – representative of Horologium I Galaxy, which is far 87,000 parsecs from Earth. Like few of the players, he sharpens his teeth at the main prize and with his huge eyes look carefully for each weakness of the opponent. Despite the huge desire to win, however, he prefers very cautious game, he doesn’t use big pool chips, he folds easily if he thinks that his arrangement will not guarantee him a certain victory. In short, we don’t give him big chances for success - unless the real professionals get to his team, who can overcome his tendency to passively play.
To encourage such players to help himself, Popup Eye will give completely free set of space gifts (regardless of whether the clan wins or takes the last place) to all players, who sign up for his team and earn at least 500 points. It sounds really good!

Laser Bellybuttons – poker specialist from Andromeda Galaxy. He’s always determined and fast during the game – he’s killing for his opponents like shot from laser blaster. He can track several behaviors simultaneously thanks to his three heads. Hided away in his armored suit, he never shows emotion.
For all players who decide to stand on his side in the Galactic Clan Battle, he has a special surprise: running from June 28 (12:00 UTC) for 12 hours SUPER BONUS OFFER in the amount of 400% on all chips. Of course, if his Clan win...

Galactic Gluttons – representative of Draco Dwarf Galaxy. At the first look, he doesn’t awe-inspire, but two pairs of upper limbs can make real wonders with a deck of cards. 5 aces in the deck? For Galactic Gluttons, there is no problem... Even he can cheat as best as ever from space - we advise against trying these tricks over him. A dozen pairs of watchful eyes will quickly detect cheating, and sharp teeth like knives will end the career of every poker player instantly.
For members of his clan he has a special offer: if they help him to win the Galactic Battle, he will supply all players who have earned at least 500 points with a total of $25,000 chips for 10 days (from June 28).