Do you know who Leprechaun is?


He is a little bearded dwarf coming from Ireland, dressed in green, always with his beloved pipe. What makes him different from other dwarfs? It's simple - Leprechaun knows where the immense riches are hidden and wait to be discovered.

If you want a small scrooge to share his fortune - challenge him during the Irish Week! Make a fortune by playing in numerous Poker and Yatzy tournaments, break a code and grab $1,000,000 chips or collect all Irish gifts to get an EXCLUSIVE gift (Leprechaun) that won't be available in the shop. The gift will give you the opportunity to fight for SUPER MARCH BONUS!


Even up to 300% bonus as a gift from St. Patrick! The bigger package with chips you buy, the bigger bonus you get. Celebrate with us and check how it is to play on high stakes.


Golden Clover Tournament

Play the Golden Clover Tournament and find a treasure: $500,000,000 chips!


Green Tournaments

Play Green Tournaments and get spectacular prizes! All you need is a pinch of luck and a spoon of skill to find something valuable in the... pot.


Irish Collection

There are Irish gifts available in the shop. It’s worth to spend a few Golds for them, because Leprechaun will award with special prizes everyone who'll collect them (Lucky Shamrock, Pot of Irish Gold, Patrick's Hat) or send them to other players by March 15, 8AM UTC.

    • $10,000 chips
    • 1 ticket for Golden Arena
    • 3 tickets for Brozne Arena
    • 20 shuffles in Mahjong game
    • exclusive Leprechaun gift, which you will never be able to buy, and the possession of which can really pay... Why? Leprechaun is the second of 4 exclusive gifts, which you can get in March by taking part in Monday challenges. If you manage to collect all the exclusive gifts you will be able to fight for SUPER MARCH BONUS.

    • 10x $200,000 chips, which can be won only by players who have collected the whole Irish Collection. All you need to do is to click at notification that will be send every hour from March 15 (6PM UTC) to March 16 (3AM UTC). The fastest player will be rewarded.

*All Guaranteed Prizes will be added to players' accounts till March 15, 3PM UTC.


Leprechaun's Riddle

Leprechaun hid 5 pots full of chips. Will you be break his code and get rich before others? The task looks easy, but remember - a small scrooge jealously guards his treasures and will do everything to make it difficult for you to guess the code.
Every day – from March 11 to March 15 (always at 3PM UTC) our friend Leprechaun will give new hint to help you break code. If you know it, enter it here - the fastest guesser will receive $1,000,000 chips!

  1. March 11. The first code is “Ireland”, but wait… scrooge Leprechaun has moved one letter in it. It seems like the first letter (I) stays on its spot, but we're not so sure about other letters. Hurry up and be the fastest guesser!
  2. March 12. Today's code was supposed to be "Leprechaun"... However, a moment of inattention was enough for clever Leprechaun to remove two letters from the code. The position of the first one is the result of operation: 20- (6 + 2) * 2. The second removed letter is in the name of the Irish capital.
  3. March 13. The beloved word of every self-respecting Leprechaun. Pure perfection. No dwarf would dare change anything in it. Remember that our Leprechaun only speaks English...
  4. March 14. According to the legend - Leprechaun hides his treasures 'on the other side of the rainbow'. Now RAINBOW will show you the code for $1,000,000 chips if you just 'remove everything that has something to do with the malicious leprechaun'!
  5. March 15. 'Ireland', 'Leprechaun', 'Gold', 'Rainbow' - these words were used by clever Leprechaun to encode information about hidden chips. If you break the code: 1-3,1-5,3-2,4-2,1-2,2-7 - the last treasure will be yours. Hurry up and be the fastest guesser!


SUPER MARCH BONUS – gather even up to $25,000,000 chips!

All players who accumulated 4 exclusive gifts (the first is '8-bit Power', the second is 'Leprechaun') in March will take part in the fight for 5 packages - $5,000,000 chips each. The total amount of chips won can reach up to $25,000,000! All you need to do is to click faster than others on the notifications that will be sent on following dates:

  • March 29, 12PM UTC
  • March 29, 4PM UTC
  • March 29, 8PM UTC
  • March 30, 12AM UTC
  • March 30, 4AM UTC

To get exclusive 'Leprechaun' gift collect all gifts from Irish Collection or take part in Golden Clover Tournament (the main event, not the satellites). Hints how to get future exclusive gifts will be published on Mondays: March 18 and March 25.