Jurassic Week


They're alive! Dinosaurs took control over GameDesire, bringing Baby Dino tournament, gifts from Jurassic Collection and bonus codes for the fastest players. New Clan Battle with 'big lizards' on the stage will guarantee extreme emotions!

Baby Dino Tournament

Although the dinosaurs were mostly huge and terrifying, in "puppy" years they didn't lack charm! Take part in the Baby Dino tournament and get achievements with a small dino on them. You can get them for participation, for taking a premium place and for winning the tournament.

Three satellite tournaments lead to the Baby Dino tournament. The 30 best players in each of them will be automatically registered to to the main event and will save on the buy-in.

Every participant of the Baby Dino tournament will receive an exclusive GD-Saurus gift, which won't be available in the shop, and which will give you the opportunity to fight for MAY SUPER BONUS.


Jurassic Battle

New Clan Battle begins. This time we go back to the time when dinosaurs were kings of the planet Earth. Choose your team and fight for huge prizes!


Jurassic Collection

Powerful T-Rex, famous Spinosaurus or gentle Triceratops? Collect all of them until May 24 (9AM UTC), get guaranteed prizes, receive exclusive GD-Saurus gift and fight for MAY SUPER BONUS!
You can buy the gifts (necessary to gather the collection) in the shop with gifts by clicking here.

    • $50,000 chips
    • 1 ticket for Golden Arena
    • 2 tickets for Silver Arena
    • 5 tickets for Brozne Arena
    • 10 shuffles in Mahjong game
    • exclusive GD-Saurus gift, which you will never be able to buy, and the possession of which can really pay... Why? GD-Saurus is the first of 2 exclusive gifts, which you can get in May by taking part in Monday challenges. If you manage to collect all the exclusive gifts you will be able to fight for MAY SUPER BONUS.

    • 10x $200,000 chips, which can be won only by players who have collected the whole Jurassic Collection. All you need to do is to click at notification that will be send every hour from May 24 (6PM UTC) to May 25 (3AM UTC). The fastest player will be rewarded.

*All Guaranteed Prizes will be added to players' accounts till May 24, 2PM UTC.


Tyrannosaur’s Riddle

May is a great month for traveling. However, if you don't have time - go for a virtual journey with us.

Do you think it’s easy to dig a big dinosaur’s bone and fold all skeleton into one piece? This is not the simplest task ... It will be much easier to dig up to millions of chips in our game. Every day at 1PM UTC we will publish a set of letters, from which you will need to set the Latin name of the dinosaur. The 5 fastest guessers who break the Tyrannosaur’s Riddle will be rewarded with $250,000 chips!

  • May 20, Monday - ****os***us (u,p,t,a,a,a,r)
  • May 21, Tuesday - ***b**o****us (r,e,r,a,u,k,e,s,r)
  • May 22, Wednesday - *r**om**o***t**s (p,o,c,a,g,n,s,p,h,u)
  • May 23, Thursday - t**a****u**s (i,a,n,s,t,o,r,u)
  • May 24, Friday - *i***p**r (t,r,a,s,n,o)


MAY SUPER BONUS – get up to $25,000,000 chips!

All players who accumulated 2 exclusive gifts (the first is GD-Saurus, hints how to get the future one gifts will be published on May 27) will take part in the fight for 5 packages - $5,000,000 chips each. The total amount of chips won can reach up to $25,000,000! All you need to do is to click faster than others on the notifications that will be sent on following dates:

  • June 3, 12PM UTC
  • June 3, 4PM UTC
  • June 3, 8PM UTC
  • June 4, 12AM UTC
  • June 4, 4AM UTC

To get exclusive GD-Saurus gift, gather all gifts from Jurassic Collection or take part in Baby Dino tournament.