Space Week


They came from a distant galaxy to play poker with you and give out a lot of chips. Gather the Otherwordly Collection, try your luck at the Galaxy Tournaments and guess the Aliens’ Code - the secret message of distant Civilizations! To top it all of, the Galactic Clan Battle is coming!

Galactic Battle (start: June 14)

Before you choose team to join - meet the Leaders of each clans and see who will present you the best contract offer.
Every day (from Tuesday to Friday) we will present two newcomers from space - along with information about additional prizes that they decided to give to their players.

Galactic Battle will start at Friday, June 14 (after the presentation of the last of the clans)... Then the GAME will start.


Take a premium place in 3 out of 8 Galaxy Tournaments to get cosmic amounts of chips!

Cosmic amounts = $2,000,000


Otherworldly Collection

Gather till Friday, June 14 (9AM UTC) the pictures of all 8 guests from distant planets to get guaranteed prizes and receive an exclusive UFO gift. It will allow you to fight for the June Super Bonus!

    • $50,000 chips
    • 1 ticket for Golden Arena
    • 2 tickets for Silver Arena
    • 5 tickets for Brozne Arena
    • 10 shuffles in Mahjong game
    • exclusive UFO gift

      The UFO gift is the one of exclusive gifts you can get in June by taking part in Monday's challenges. Gathering all four of them will allow you to fight for June Super Bonus.

    • 10x $200,000 chips that can be won only by players who have collected the whole Otherworldly Collection. All you need to do is to click at notifications that will be send every hour from June 14 (6PM UTC) to June 15 (3AM UTC). The fastest player will be rewarded.

*Guaranteed Prizes will be added to players' accounts till June 14, 2PM UTC.


Aliens’ Code

The plan of the Aliens was simple - beat the Earthlings in poker and gather millions of chips in their space vault! If you want to thwart their plans, try to break into a guarded safe.

Every day, the fastest daredevils can win 5x $250,000 chips. Just break the code using the hints found on the broken spaceship...

  • Monday, June 10 – It can be seen only from one side. Do you remember when the first meeting with man took place? Access code: 2007XXXX (The last 4 digits were lost during the ship's crash).
  • Tuesday, June 11 - He was the first one who flew as high! The country in which he was reised is no longer on the map, but he remains immortal. Access code: G****** (Only the first letter is visible, the rest is illegible).
  • Wednesday, June 12 - An infamous place where many of the Aliens rest. Nobody who got there has returned to own planet! Access code: A****1 (Flames have damaged 5 letters, only the first and last characters are visible).
  • Thursday, June 13 - Although the smallest of the known eights, the most heated by the Sun! Its name is the key to the fortune. Access code: ***c*** (Decryption of letters practically impossible!)
  • Friday, June 14 - What he did was literally a great step for the human kind. Now his name will open the galactic safe. Access code: ********g (Decryption of letters practically impossible!)


June Super Bonus – get up to $25,000,000 chips!

All holders of 2 exclusive gifts (the first is Sweet Dreams, the second UFO) will take part in the fight for 5 packages - $5,000,000 chips each. All you need to do is to click faster than others on the notifications that will be sent on following dates:

  • July 2, 12PM UTC
  • July 2, 4PM UTC
  • July 2, 8PM UTC
  • July 3, 12AM UTC
  • July 3, 4AM UTC

To get the UFO gift, gather all gifts from Otherworldly Collection or take part in one of following tournaments: Popup Eye or Puppis Constellation.