Cowboy, Astronaut, Teddy Bear and many other toys - once you couldn't imagine life without them, now they're in the attic - in a cardboard box, covered with a thick layer of dust. They've decided to remember themselves and invite you to play again - this time at the poker table! Choose your favourite childhood toy and lead your clan to a big victory in Toy Battle!


Comfortable, nice furbalt that will put every child to sleep? Don't be fooled by his innocent appearance! At the poker table, he turns into the unpredictable Grizzly Bear, who is only waiting for the opportunity to get under opponent's skin. He ruthlessly strives to win regardless of adversity.

Extra BONUS - "Bear's Claw". If the Teddy Bear clan wins in Toy Battle - all players who accumulate at least 500 grind points will receive a pool of Chips (to share) equal to the sum of points earned by the top 10 players in the Individual Ranking.


A cowboy named " Fatty" - is known for the fact that he is interested only in "fat" wins at the table. He bids fast and high, and usually comes out victorious from poker duels. When he starts to play, he loses all sense of time, only the closing of the Saloon can get him out of the poker trance. He is famous for his generosity and high tips!

Extra BONUS - "Six-Shooter": If the Cowboy clan wins - players from places 1 - 6 will receive an additional $6,000,000 Chips!


An astronaut treats every poker game like a trip to a distant planet. Everything must be planned and sewed up in accordance with the official procedure. If he encounters demanding opponents on his way, he will not hesitate to use the laser...

Extra BONUS - "Per aspera ad astra". If the Astronaut clan wins - the best 10 players will receive additional bonuses equal to the number of grind points they have earned!


Tactics, tactics, and tactics again. Flawless assessment of the enemy's weakest points and their effective use. In case of a threat, quickly retreat to a safe position and prepare a powerful counterattack. That's what a Toy Soldier is like and that's what he'll expect from players who want to join his Clan!

Extra BONUS - "Air Strike". If a Toy Soldier's unit achieves the expected success by winning the Clan Battle - all players who accumulate at least 10 grind points will be rewarded with special awards - they will receive a full collection of "Toy Battle" gifts - which cannot be purchased or obtained in any other way! In addition, the top 10 players from this team will receive a special bonus of 250 Gold!


If you like to squeeze your poker opponents into the ground, the Dinosaur clan is created for you. Nobody here expects any finesse, tactical mastery or unconventional bluffing. All that matters is victory! Show the unbelievers that success can also be achieved by simple means.

Extra BONUS - "T-BONUS REX". If the Dinosaur clan achieves final success - all players who score at least 500 grind points will receive a special SUPER BONUS to buy one of any chips package - up to 500%! The bonus will be active from August 31 (10:00 UTC) until September 1 (10:00 UTC).


A penny for penny... and you can already play for high stakes! For the most of her life, Piggy Bank played only at low stakes - collecting all the Chips for the moment that just came. During this Battle of the Clans, the rule will be simple - no savings - we play for the highest stakes!

Extra BONUS - "Full Moneybox". Regardless of the place achieved in the Clans Battle - all players from the Piggy Bank clan who accumulate at least 500 grind points will receive $25,000 Chips in their moneybox.


The inconspicuous appearance is the greatest advantage of the Potato Tuber. Underestimated by most opponents, it plays them mercilessly, leaving with a empty account... This time Mr. Potato has set himself a real challenge - he wants to win Toy Batlle and be a part of GameDesire's history forever.

Extra BONUS - "Poker Tuber". If Mr. Potato's clan wins - all players who have accumulated at least 500 grind points will receive as many Chips as they managed to accumulate on the clan counter.


Despite its friendly appearance, Dachshund is a hunting dog which, driven by instinct, will use every opportunity to attack at the poker table. If he sniffs out the opponent's weakness - he will use it ruthlessly to win. He hasn't had any spectacular successes yet, but there always must be a first time...

Extra BONUS - "Caliber 44" - $440,000 Chips paid to all players who manage to accumulate at least 44,000 grind points - regardless of the place the clan will occupy at the end of the game.


August Super Bonus – get up to $25,000,000 chips!

All players who accumulated 2 exclusive gifts (the first is Finish Flag, and the second is Toy Box) will take part in the fight for 5 packages - $5,000,000 chips each. The total amount of chips won can reach up to $25,000,000! All you need to do is to click faster than others on the notifications that will be sent on following dates:

  • September 3, 12PM UTC
  • September 3, 4PM UTC
  • September 3, 8PM UTC
  • September 4, 12AM UTC
  • September 4, 4AM UTC