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Obtenez 21 et devenez le roi du Blackjack!
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Comment jouer Blackjack - règles du jeu


After starting the game, players will see the Lobby screen. Here, game stakes can be choosen from: Low or High. The upper part of the screen contains information about Jackpot. Jackpot is paid when a 8 cards hand is build, which value is not bigger than 21.

On the bar above the table there are four icons visible: GameChips purchase, Help, Screenshots tool and volume controls.

The bar located in the bottom of the screen contains buttons allowing to check if any person from player friends list is online, chat box for conversations with other players and current GameChips amount. Both bars are visible on every stage of the game.


In this section messages written by players are visible along with system messages.

Appearing as tabs, private chat with other players is available. Next to every player message there is a gray arrow icon changing color to green when the mouse cursor is passed over it. Clicking this icon will open a context menu that gives the following options: private chat conversation with the chosen player, adding him to list of ignored or friends or showing his mini-profile.