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Let's Fish

Let's Fish

Let's Fish
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Poker Omaha

Poker Omaha

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Tourney Maniac
Tourney Maniac
Tourney Maniac
Tourney Maniac
Tourney Maniac


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A propos de moi

à propos de moi
Good hearted, eccentric praticioner of serene chaos
Collecting, repairing and sometimes selling vintage radios and clocks, other odds-n-ends. I have a full-time job which prevents me from enjoying this too much, so I also get to pay bills and eat.
Films préférés
Wizard of Oz, Reservoir Dogs know, movies like those.
Musique préférée
Livres préférés
Most except Ivanhoe. Please explain Ivanhoe to me in 7 words or less.
Ce que j’aime
Road trips. Fishing. Pool. Spontaneous humour.
Ce que je n’aime pas
Opposing ends of a spectrum engaged in conflict which affects the midrange in a profoundly more negative way than it will affect either end of the spectrum at the end of the day.

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