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Buraco Fechado STBL

4.5 (votes: 25)
Buraco Fechado STBL is a traditional card game from South America. It is a special combination of rummy and canasta, but more complex rules make it even more challenging for the player. Buraco means a hole in Portuguese, which refers to the sadness after a failure. The game is for 2 or 4 players – it is a perfect way to spend long evenings with friends online.

Card game from South America

Have a great emotional experience in this Brazilians favorite card game and discover your hidden latin soul.

Do you like challenges?

Face the Buraco Fechado STBL – even more possibilities than in classic Buraco.

Meld sequences and create canastas

Plan your gameplay in a way which can bring you the highest score.

The team spirit

Along with your partner let's take control over the table and eliminate the opponents.