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Be first to reach 1000 points to claim victory!
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How to play Thousand HD - game rules


Thousand is played with a pack consisting of 24 cards from Ace to Nine. The value and seniority of cards: Ace - 11 pts., Ten - 10 pts., King - 4 pts., Queen - 3 pts., Jack - 2 pts., Nine - 0 pts. In game we have also seniority of colors: Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, Spades and changing trump color.


In case of 2 people playing, each player is dealt 10 cards. If there are 3 people playing, players are dealt 7 cards each. The rest of cards (in case of a two-people game - 4 cards, in case of a three-people one - 3 cards) are so-called musts. In a two-people game there are 2 talons containing 2 cards each on both sides of the table (the player who wins the game chooses one of them); in a three-people game there is one talon containing 3 cards.

Starting the game and hand the cards in the game thousand.


Bidding always starts with 100 pts (the co-called must). A successive player can choose between two options: he can pass, which means accepting the opponent's playing minimum the original 100, or raise the bet. Bidding by the multiple of +10 pts is allowed. It is the declaration of points the player is going to score in the dealing. The value of bidding cannot exceed the sum of all cards (120 pts.) and the Marriages owned at the time of bidding. The player who has won the bidding takes one of the talons from the table, shows the cards to the other player and then puts the two selected cards on the table. At this moment he can raise the declared number of points. After that the actual game stars.