I have not received an achievement

When it comes to granting achievements, we had to implement a few restrictions to prevent abuse and fraud.

After receiving a particular achievement, a 24-hour long block activates. During that time it’s not possible to receive the same achievement for a second time (however, all your statistics will still be counted). After 24 hours, if a player wins, for example, another Poker tournament, the system automatically checks if he or she qualifies to receive another achievement. If so, the achievement will be awarded, and another 24 hours block will be activated.

The entire process is completely automated, so there is no need to recount any scores. Therefore, there’s no risk of not being rewarded with any achievement you have won.

Waarom GameChips kopen?

  • wordt een virtuele millionaire
  • speel met hoge inzetten om de beste spelers te evenaren
  • voel de spanning in het casino
  • nog meer gegarandeerd onvergetelijke indrukken

Waarom ​​VIP worden?

  • krijg 50% GameChips extra bij elke aankoop van minstend 100K
  • win een prestigieus VIP teken voor uw login en profiel