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18 online

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Slot In Slots - tutorial Spin it

Spin it

Press the yellow button to spin the reels. Use the FAST PLAY option to accelerate the spins. You can also enable AUTO SPIN feature to keep spinning without any effort. Winnings are calculated from left to right. Line is winning when it has 3 or more symbols on it.

Slot In Slots - tutorial Left to right

Bets and lines

Decide how much you want to spent on one spin by settings number of LINES and BET amount. You can choose between 1 and 25 paylines. More lines mean higher chances to win! TOTAL BET displays total number of coins used per spin.

Slot In Slots - tutorial Left to right

Power ups

Power-ups boost spins making them much more rewarding. Different kinds of power-ups improve spins in different way. Each spin moves power up forward. Movement speed depends on BET size and LINES count. Reach the left side end to activate the power up.

Power ups

Slot In Slots - tutorial Extra paylines

Extra paylines

New, additional paylines are automatically wagered on, for free.

Slot In Slots - tutorial Symbol upgrade

Symbol upgrade

Low Win symbol is replaced with respective. High Win symbol from the paytable.

Slot In Slots - tutorial Symbol as Wild

Symbol as Wild

One of High Win symbols is replaced with a new, better symbol and treated as Wild

Slot In Slots - tutorial Vip Power up

Vip Power up

Unique power up with special win multiplier.

Slot In Slots - tutorial Multipliers


Bet line wins are multiplied by 2/3/4 after each spin

Slot In Slots - tutorial Very Vip

Very Vip

Unique power up with even more special win multiplier

Slot In Slots - tutorial XP Accelerator

XP Accelerator

XP is gained more quickly

What is Jackpot

Slot In Slots - tutorial Jackpot

How to win Jackpot

Jackpot is a special prize, that can be won on any machine (except Bingo Slots and Golden Reels). In order to receive the prize you need to score 5 special scatters on payline 1. Winning symbols are different on each machine.

  • total bet 10 coins or less - 10% of jackpot prize pool
  • total bet 100 coins or less - 20% of jackpot prize pool
  • total bet 1000 coins or less - 40% of jackpot prize pool
  • total bet more then 1000 coins - 80% of jackpot prize pool

Jackpot winning symbols

Slot In Slots - tutorial Sea battle

Sea battle

Nuclear scatter

Slot In Slots - tutorial Seaside


Message in a bottle

Slot In Slots - tutorial Charmed woods

Charmed woods

Magic Weapons

Slot In Slots - tutorial Zombie Hunter

Zombie Hunter

Chainsaw scatter

Slot In Slots - tutorial Space Cadet

Space Cadet

Angry Alien

Slot In Slots - tutorial Jukebox


Radio Scatter

Slot In Slots - tutorial War Machines

War Machines

Supply Box

Slot In Slots - tutorial Kitten Mittens

Kitten Mittens

Cat in a box

How to play in tournaments?

Slot In Slots - tutorial screen 6

Go for it!

All tournaments are free, all you have to do is to enter the machine with active event. Spin and win at least once to participate in the tournament. Compete against other players and improve your rank. Points are counted as win/bet ratio from your 10 best spins results.

Time is precious.

The timer counts down to the end of tournament. Once it's over, prize pool is divided between players on prize places. Tournaments winnings are added to your regular wins.