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Pool Live Pro

Pool Live Pro
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Setting up a multiplayer game of Pool live Pro or Pool 8

I've had a couple of requests to explain how to setup a multiplayer Pool Game for Pool Live Pro or Pool 8. 
If there are any mistakes or things should be added, corrected etc... then please do comment or message me.


If they are there, then no problem, click the crossed swords or challenge button and wait
for acceptance and game launch.


If they are not visible in the immediate challenge list, click the side arrows or click add friends
and see if they are in that list, from here you can do a search in the search box if you don't see them,
if found in the add friend window, you can send a request and close the add friend window.

If that does not succeed, then I suggest to you, to go see your Friend's Profile Page and see if they are
playing Pool Live Pro or Pool 8. Then you should go to the Games Tab and
chose the same game as your friend.

Your friend should now appear in your challenge list at game launch or in the add friend button, from there
the only step left is to challenge them and wait for Game Launch.

Hope I have explained this well, if I can help some more let me know or if any questions.

Good Luck & Good Game eh!