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It's ok to live a life no one else understands, remember that :)
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This wish is for you

Life is tough and sometimes we meet people who wake up every single morning to face a new day, a new struggle, they have to dig deep just to find strength to get up and face the day that Gods given them, and then you have people who try and destroy everything a person has worked so hard to try and rebuild and heal from and this wish is for you..
I hope you find the courage to overcome every obstacle life puts in your way becuz nothing is impossible and the only thing between success and failure is how hard your willing to fight to win your battles..
I hope you have the courage to do the work. I hope you have the courage to sit down with your demons, to befriend them; to look them in the face and to not feel fear. I hope you have the courage to stop picking or numbing or avoiding the wounds within, and I hope you choose to heal them instead. I hope you have the courage to understand yourself, fundamentally — to open up the deepest, darkest parts of your mind, to unhinge your rib cage revealing the gritty parts of your soul, the parts no one else claps for, and I hope you have the courage to clean them out. To forgive yourself for what you had to do to kill your sadness. To forgive yourself for the ways in which you didn’t fight for the person you were becoming. I hope you have the courage to nurture your pain, to not disregard it or to sweep it under the rug of distraction or convenience. I hope you have the courage to heal yourself, even when it hurts.