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When you think your life is bad, Just remember someone out there is dating your ex !!!!!!!!!
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State Trooper

Emile was driving his pickumup truck down the levee pretty fast one day. A Louisiana State Trooper spotted Emile, and took off after him, but Emile just kept going faster and faster. The trooper turned his lights and siren on, but Emile just kept going. After about twenty miles, Emile ran out of gas, and had to stop. The trooper jumped out of his car yelling at Emile, "Why didn't you stop ? I know you saw me !" Emile replies, "Well, officer, I'm truly sorry for dat. But you see, a few years ago my wife, Marie, she ran off wid a state trooper, and when I saw you, I thought you was him tryin' to bring her back. So I was tryin' to get away fast.