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some horse racing methods i have discovered and will share and maybe you can refine them


like most discoveries, i fell upon this by accident and it was because of something that would frustrate me at first. i call this THE SUPER FAVORITE. i was testing another system i bought. it uses the odds of the last three races. you add them up and if they are less than 12, it provides the ideal odds range  to bet these horses because they are overlays. i won't tell too much about this system, since i bought it and don't want to get in trouble, but it is called "across the board overlays." you don't find alot of races where a horse fits the requirement of the odds total, but what frustrated me me was when i would find a race where more than one, sometimes even three horses all had odds in there last 3 races that total 12 or less when added up. this system, generally, focuses on horses that have very low odds in their last three races, and usually are the favorite or very close to it in all three of those races. the frustration came when i would finally find a horse that qualified this way then then there is another horse or two in the same race that also qualify. this is when i noticed something......when there are more than 1 qualifiers, especially more than 2 qualifiers....whoever ends up being the favorite at post time is a SUPER FAVORITE and is almost damned sure to win. these horses were ranked , by the betting public, as top contenders in ALL of their last three races and whichever horse out of these ends up being the favorite tonight simply has to be one hell of a horse. something is up....especially if it is a hot favorite. now, i made a previous post about when to bet beaten favorites....this SUPER FAVORITE, is probably one of the best beaten favorites to bet next time, ESPECIALLY if its odds remain low or it is a favorite again. i did a short study, because it is tedious to keep trach of when a horse runs again etc.....but out of 10 races, where a beaten SUPER FAVORITE ran again....7 out 10 races winners, 2 seconds and 1 third. and these horses win with authority and run very determined races. if anybody has any ideas or wants to tweak this method, maybe you will give me a post. 
 the nest system i've been tracking started as a joke and is so ridiculously simple i am having a hard time believing the results. i use this at the harness races and it is a long shot system. the system??  whichever horse has the fastest THIRD QUARTER FRACTION in its last race. that is basically is stupid that this works so often. people focus on the first quarter speed of a horse...or the final ( FOURTH ) quarter speed, and completely ignore the THIRD QUARTER.  if you go and check out the last month of harness racing at woodbine/mohawk and and see the results of the horses with the fastest third quarter fraction, you will laugh and how often they win and how huge the payoffs are. i am just tracking this method but i would not bet these horses at odds lower than 5 -1.  they are coming in at 20 -1...30 -1.....i got one at 60 -1 ....and all it took was about 10 seconds to scan the program. thats it...ONE FACTOR HANDICAPPING.  there are some things or rules to consider, it tends to help the selection process. the time should  be on the same track ( but you can catch some horses coming from lower class half mile tracks that show a third quarter time even faster than the horses its running agsinst have shown at woodbine/mohawk ). the horse should show improvement in its position and lengths behind, it doesn't have to be much. this enforces that its fast third quarter time was a good effort compared to the other horses and that it just wasn't only running AS FAST as everyone else. if it shows a fast third quarter time and EVERYONE ELSE was also going that fast, because the horse hasn't improved or has lost ground, then the third quarter time doesn't suggest anything exceptional. works best when the selected horse is starting from the inside post positions and has to work less to get a good position at the start or have to come from too far back ( for woodbine/mohawk, post position 6 and lower, post 6 is actually the best performing post position for some reason ). avoid races where there are ties. only bet when the odds are generous, above 5 - 1 at the very least. these horses tend to be overlays, i believe, because the betting public focuses on early speed ( first quarter ) or late speed ( fourth quarter ) and overlooks the third quarter fraction and these horses end up being overlays. when these horses go off at 10-1 to 15- 1 i feel as confident betting on them as if they were at 3 - 1 odds. do not bet on them if they finished 1st or 2nd in their last race. you won't be getting odds and the horse has already been spent. there are certain races i will avoid, these being when the selection had a decent race and looks fairly well suited for the race but is the second biggest long shot or the biggest long shot and there are two horses in the race that are BOTH hot favorites and below  2-1 odds. something is up there.....the betting public can overlook betting value, but not by this much.  the show payoffs are amazing and i would bet these horses in the following betting unit amount : 2 to win 2 to place 10 to show. these horses pay more to show than favorites or second favorites pay to win, you get all your money and then some. if you don't mind riding long streaks of losing, playing them to win is probably the best in the long run. they win about 25 percent of the time, in my estimation. if you have any ideas about these, or tweaks....give me a post. ( it is damned near impossible to have a rigid, completely mechanical method and set of rules when it comes to horse racing. but the experience you gain trying this method will develop a good instinct and you might find a few more rules or exceptions......however, i find when a system become too rigid, a lot of opportunities are missed, and if the rules are too lax, a lot of money is thrown away. yet i believe, just blindly betting the horse with the third quarter lowest fraction every time, when there are no ties, will wield you a profit. the payoffs are just too big and frequent )

p.s  one race result to illustrate the value you can get and why value is important. the 10th race at woodbine ( harness racing )  december 21.  the number 4 horse, PREMIER CABERNET  HAD THE FASTEST THIRD QUARTER FRACTION  27 3/5 SECONDS.  it improved its lengths behind and had also made a big move to challenge for the lead during the third quarter when it ran that fast fraction. going off at 9-1.  there was a very hot favorite that was dropping in class called MACK MY KISS, going off at 3/5. this means if you bet 5 bucks on this horse, you get back 8 bucks...a 3 dollar profit on your 5 dollar bet.......SHIT.  it looked like PREMIER CABERNET was going to fade as they got to the top of the stretch with two horses ahead of him, but it rallied and got the motor running and about halfway down the stretch it looked like it was actually going to win it and just missed by a nose, so close!!!  MACK MY KISS won. here is the point......i bet in units of 2 to win 2 to place and 10 to show. lets assume that is 2 dollars to win and place and 10 dollars to  show......MACK MY KISS paid a lousy  $3.30 to win....a lousy $2.80 to place  and a shitty $2.50 to show ( for each 2 dollar bet )  if i bet him i would have gotten back,  3.30 + 2.80 + ( 5 x 2.50 = 12.50) for a total of  18.60 - my intial 14.00 dollar bet = $4.80 profit....and we won the race!!  but i bet PREMIER CABERNET, who just came second, and i got  8.90 back for the place bet and 5 x 3.70 =  18.50 for the show bet for a total of  27.40 - 14.00 (initial bet ) =  13.40 profit.....essentially double the amount i bet. almost 3 times more than the winner.  this is is not about picking winners, its about betting on value. i don't know why people will pile on a horse like this and bet into a horse going off at 3/5 odds, but it is good that they do, they create opportunities for me.  my horse paid more to SHOW than the winner paid to WIN for christ sake. 

one more simple angle for horse racing, when to bet beaten favorites.

a beaten favorite is a horse that had the most money bet on it and had the lowest odds in its last race and lost the race. the betting public , by making it the favorite, have ranked it is the best horse in the race, usually in a field of 8 to 9 horses. what has been observed in horse racing, is that losing favorites tend to 'bounce back' in their nest race and win more often than they should next time out. quite often, if they don't race very well when they are the favorite, the betting public tends not to bet as much on them next time out, and these horses 'bounce back' and win at very generous odds. so, when is it the best time to bet a losing favorite?? i am only going to give you the most basic and simple form of this method : the best time to bet on a losing favorite in its next race is WHEN IT IS THE FAVORITE AGAIN.  that is the nuts and bolts of it. there are a few other factors, like, make sure the last race it was in, where it lost as the favorite is NOT the fasted race it has ever had or the fastest time in its last 6 starts. for some reason, horses that ran their fastest time in their last race do not win as often as they should next time out. weird, but true. a beaten favorite that becomes the favorite again in its next race has a staggering win rate than can approach 66 percent. these horses are almost certain to run at least third, a SHOW BET more than 90 percent of the time. the time factor helps and the horse having one of the top 5 drivers/riders helps but basically....he was the favorite last week and lost, tonight he is the favorite that sucker!!! this is a brutally strong angle. 

for those of you that like horse racing, a very clever method of selecting high percentage winners that is a hidden factor

the beauty of this method is that it is invisible by looking at the racing programs past starts. for this method you need to see the chart results of the last race a horse was in. here is why, you can, for example see in the programs past performances that a horse finished second by half a length in its las race, and find another horse that also finished second by half a length, yet one of them is a vastly better bet than the other, regardless of time. let me explain first that horses that have won in their last race are more likely to win again than horses that did not win in their last race. similarily, horses that finished second have a better chance of winning than horses that did not do as good as second place. but not all wins or second places are the same. a horse that just manages to win by half a length will not do as well, in its next race, as a horse that wins by 6 lengths, or 2 lengths,  etc. basically, horse that blow away the field by large margins tend to do much better in their next race than horses that win by close margins. sometimes, huge margins are concealed by the way the race programs past performances are presented. what if the program shows a horse won by half a length, but when you look at the chart of the race, you see that the winner and the second place horse were BOTH AHEAD of the rest of the horses by more than 6 lengths?? all the program will show you is that the horse won by half a length and you won't know that the winner and the second place horse obliterated the field. THIS is what you look for in the charts, but you focus only on second place finishers that were ahead of the rest of the field by 6 lengths or more. what the average race goer will see is a horse that finished second by half a length, what you WILL SEE AND KNOW is that this horse almost won the race by more than 6 lengths. we focus on betting second place finishers in this manner solely because horses that won their last race tend to get over bet and usually you will not get big odds on these horses. but second placers get less betting action and have much more generous odds. what are the odds a horse that finished second, WITHIN A LENGTH OF THE LEADER ( A CLOSE RACE ) and was 6 lengths or more ahead of the rest of the horses?? 40 percent.  this is a staggering win rate, most favorites average 33 percent. and the beauty of this is that this information is hidden and not apparent on the daily racing form.  for a 40 percent win rate you should be getting odds just above even money.....about 6-5, 7-5 odds......but these hidden second place finishers, which essentially are 6 length or more winners will go off at much bigger odds than those in their next race. you'll get 3-1, 4-1 even bigger odds than 10-1 on these horses the nest time they race and they will win 40 percent of the time. you're welcome. this will work both for harness racing and thoroughbred racing. ( the only draw back is you don't  get many plays but do you want to bet a lot of races or make money? the few successful racevtrack players do not bet every race but wait for these solid plays and bet big when they see them. )

no man can save a maiden in distress ( why hollywood movies suck now )


for the last two decades at least, hollywood movies are terrible. actresses want STRONG FEMALE ROLES, however, all this has lead to is females playing the roles of men. i don't know if this is to appease some inferiority complex the actresses have but it is the same thing in every movie. SHE will have a hunky boyfriend/husband, but SHE is being stalked by some other evil man. FINAL SCENE:  her boyfriend/husband attempts to protect her from the stalker but there is always a reason he fails and then she has to fend for herself and defeat the attacker. this is all you ever see now. a man is NOT ALLOWED to rescue a woman......ever!!!! it gets so monotonous after a while.....the attacker will have her pinned and is choking her......THEN THERE IS AN OBJECT JUST WITHIN REACH that she uses to hit the attacker!!! its the same thing in every movie, time after time. its nothing but the same old cliche scene over and over again. you can watch any movie or series and you will almost without fail find this template :

1)  there will be a morning after sex scene in which SHE has to go to work and some hunky guy is in bed and acting like a hurt puppy because she is trying to get rid of him and shows no emotional attachment whatsoever. ( this is a complete role reversal....she is simply acting a male role )

2)  a man is never allowed to rescue a maiden in distress. SHE will rescue him and be fully capable of beating up 5 -10 fully grown men at once

3)  there absolutely HAS to be a dinner scene//( or any scene where they are eating ) that someone has to proclaim they are VEGAN/VEGETARIAN........

4) at some point, someone  HAS to be gay.

this is all you ever see now, this is why hollywood sucks. i feel like i am being i am watching one of those christian movies always quoting scripture. 

and it seems odd that women embrace the roles and emulate men in all the ways that they complain about in the bahavior of men. SHE wants to be strong and macho, everything SHE complains about with men. 

the sex therapist joke

 a well known sex therapist was visited by a couple, the smiths, who were having problems with their sex life. upon being seated in his office the doctor told them " i stake my reputation on what i do. first, i will give both of you a physical examination, after which, if i think i can help you, i will tell you what to do. if it works, you pay me, if it doesn't work, you don't have to pay me."
 after the physical examination the doctor tells the couple, " i think i can help you. here is what i want you to do....on your way home, stop by a grocery store and buy a box of donuts and a bag of grapes. go home, get naked and sit on the floor across cross each other with your legs apart. i want the wife to toss the donuts, like a ring toss, onto the husbands penis...when one lands like a ring toss, i want her to move on all fours, like a lion towards the husband and slowly eat that donut. when she is done, i want the husband to roll grapes across the floor at her vagina...when one enters, he is to move across the floor like a lions and lick out that grape and eat it. you both repeat this until you become very aroused and then you will have the best sex."
 they bought the box of donuts and the bag of grapes and did as instructed. IT WORKED BEAUTIFULLY!! THE BEST SEX EVER.
 their neighbours, the jones, heard about this and since they were having issues in the sexual department as well, decided to go see the same sex therapist.
 the doctor told them the same thing, he would do a physical examination of both of them and after which if he thought he could help them he would tell them what to do. however, after the physical examination he told them " i don't think i can help you." they were upset, they begged him for advice. the doctor said "look, i state my reputation on this, i don't think i can help you."  but they kept begging and pleading him for help. after a while, the doctor relented. he said " okay..okay..i'll try and help is what i want you to do....on your way home, stop by a grocery store.....i want you to buy a box of CHERRIOS and a bag of ORANGES.....then i want you to......."

ok..need any further explanation with this one?? 

the joke about the young shy greek man

there is a curious story about a young greek man who was very shy. he was so shy, he had to date a young greek woman for over 6 months before having sex with her brother!!!

the recent canadian election is a good example of why americans should not complain.


My american cousins may want  to think twice before complaining about their electoral system and take a good look at what happens elsewhere. I have seen complaints about the popular vote and the electoral college down there. I have seen calls for a third party down there. If you think that is what you want, take a look at what happened up here in canada. The liberal party got 33 percent of the vote and WON the election. The conservative party got 35 percent of the vote and LOST the election. The liberals now have a 'minority' government, which means they didn't get enough seats to hold a majority in government, and they lost seats during this election. The conservatives gained a lot of seats, and in spite of the fact MORE people voted for them, they didn't get enough seats to win the election. This election was a mess. We have Alerta and Saskatchwan voting 100 percent conservative, the Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau, doesn't even have 1 seat of representation in those western provinces. We have Liberal ontario mostly voting Liberal and giving Trudeau enough seats to claim victory, with 33 percent of the vote, and some americans are complaining about Hilary Clinton losing an election when she got the popular vote? look at what happened up here. You want a third party alternative? Look at what happened up here. We haave  a guy who only one third of the population voted for claiming victory. And canada has never bee more polarized and fragmented. In quebec, the bloc party, which is a separatist party ( they want to separate from canada ) gained a lot of seats, the western provinces went completely conservative and trudeau got ZERO.....ZERO!!!...seats there, and ontario was stubbornly liberal. Then you have the socialist NDP getting hammered in the election and losing close to half its seats.....and the turban wearing leader of the NDP  was DANCING after the election! Dancing about what, i have no idea...the NDP is a stupid party and they consider it a victory if they still exist after an election. 
    What we have is a pile of crap now. A divided country with no sense of direction. I don't even know what 'Canada' is supposed to mean anymore. Everyone a loser in this election. The liberals lost seats and their majority status. The conservatives got more votes but lost the election., The NDP lost a large amount of its seats. Just the bloc party of Quebec showed a dramatic gain in seats, but over all, everyone lost in this election, especially the canadian people who voted 66 percent against the guy who 'won' the election. Nobody is happy with this result. It has left the country a fragmented mess with the western provinces talking about separation, much like Quebec. Now you just imagine how hard it would be to get rid of Donald Trump or any other president if they only need 33 percent of the vote to 'win' an election. In the 80's the provincial NDP in ontario shocked the country when it won the election with just under 38 percent of the vote and got 60 percent of the seats in government!!! IS THIS what you want down there? You better think again. 'The WILL of the PEOPLE' means nothing in canada. 

i have become my dad ( getting old and getting goofy )

so...i was shaving using an electric trimmer and i was trying to trim my nose hairs. i must have hit a nerve or something because all of a sudden my nose started bleeding profusely. i called my wife and , as usual, she started yelling at me for being so careless. my son came up to see what the fuss was about and started laughing at me. and there i was, sitting on the couch, putting tissue after tissue to my nose while she yelled and he laughed. it was at this point i realized i had become my father, the roles had completely reversed. i remember laughing at my dad when i was growing i was him. it just seems that the older i get the more goofy i become. i don't even want to get into the story of getting my pecker stuck in my pants zipper a few months ago. the difference there was that both my wife and son were laughing at me. there was no getting it off.....yes, i had to go to the hospital and yes, it was just female doctors on staff at that time. my embarrassment knew no limits.. oh, and let me tell you, when you get a needle down there and can't feel your penis at all...thats a bit scary. i was walking around for 2 hours after that constantly patting my crotch TO MAKE SURE IT WAS STILL THERE.  what a stupid thing to happen, what a mortifying experience. the admission clerk asking me why i was there for and me leaning close and whispering out of the side of my mouth. ohh man..why me?  

my place betting method for woodbine harness racing october 1st 2019


in my previous post i posted the basic rules of my method. though i don't reveal exactly what angles i use i did post in the comments the results of my method for yesterdays races. lets see how it does tonight.

race 1

number 7 had a strong angle actually he had more than just one angle. . number 3 had a strong angle but was moving up in class and my method ignores horses that are moving up in class no matter how great they appear. thus number 7 was the contender, became the favorite at 6-5 and was the play. he lead all the way and won easy by three lengths. the place pay out was a bit of a disappointment at 2.60. the number 3 that looked great but was rising in class wasn't in the money. 

race 2

number 6 showed a strong angle. number 7 had a strong angle but both of its last two races were at a b rated track, thus, ignored. number 7 became the 4-5 favorite, lead most of the way and won by about  1 1/2 lengths. paid  the pay out was an insult however as it paid more to show than it paid to place. 2.70 to show and 2.40 to place. it should have been the other way around at least. 

race 3

number 4 was a favorite in its last race and lost and tonight is the favorite again.....this is an automatic play for me.....HOWEVER broke stride in its last race. cardinal rule of horse not bet on a horse that broke stride in its last race. there were no other contenders, so pass this race. number 4 led for most of the race..ran out of gas in the stretch..finished fourth. 

race 4

number 6 showed a strong angle. however, as one of the rules i posted in my previous post....when there are three horses at post time who have odds so close together  that you cannot be certain who the favorite or second choice is going to be..pass the race. the number 1, the number 6 and number ten were 3-1 3-1 5-2......then 3-1 5-2 3-1.....and they kept switching around. number 10 became a 2-1 favorite after the race started. i couldn't bet this testing has shown me it is best to pass races like this. number 10 won and number 6 finished 3rd. 

race 5
number 4 showed a strong angle but it was on the fringes of what is acceptable it was dropping in class but its last race was terrible and its odds were 72-1 . clearly showing he did  not warrant being in that class. my studies have shown fringe qualifiers like him are better passed on. regardless, he wasn't the favorite or second choice so he woiuld not have been bet. thus i would bet the favorite but the two lowest horses on the tote board were trading places being the favorite and were at identical odds. there was no clear cut decision. the race was passed. number 4 finished 3rd ..almost got up for 2nd. the two confused favorites were not in the money. 

race 6

horse number 6 showed a strong angle. number 7 showed a strong angle but had not raced in over a month. in harness racing..if a horse hasn't raced within 14 days it is ignored. thus number 6 was only contender with a strong profile and went of as a clear 9/5 second choice and became the play. it sat in 4th most of the race..made a three wide move at the top of the stretch and closed in sharply, winning by a head. too bad the 3/2 favorite held on to second and made the chance of a generous place pay remote. however. another insult as the 3/2 favorite paid more to place than my 9/5 second choice. the favorite paid a pretty nice 3.40 to place while my 9/5 second choice paid 2.90 to place!! what a bunch of bullshit. 

race 7

passed race. as per the rule i stated in my previous post....ignore races where too many of the horses are coming from different tracks. it was an 8 horse field and 5 of the horses are coming from inferior b rated tracks. to make things even sillier......the horses from the inferior tracks were showing good races while the woodbine horses were dogs in their last races. you have the best of the mediocre going up against the worst of the higher class track. this race was a pile of crap. one of the horses from one of the inferior BUMFUCK race tracks became the favorite and won. 

race 8

geez..where do i begin with this one? most of the horses were from a different track last race HOWEVER most of them are woodbine horses who went to a different track for a stake race. the number 7 was a hot favorite in that race..1-5.....and broke at the beginning of the race and was out. that same race the number 8 horse also broke stride at the beginning. now you have to wonder if the 8 breaking stride freaked out the 7 and made it break stride.  also, the number 3 horse was in that race and broke stride later in the race at the stretch. was there something wrong with the track? as this just a weird voodoo race? it get trickier because number 6 was also in that race and won it in a fashion that shows a strong angle HOWEVER did he win this way simply because his main competitor..the 1-5 favorite, self destructed at the start? to add to this dilema, number 7 lost as the 1-5 favorite and is the favorite again tonight, an automatic play BUT he broke stride and you are not supposed to play him yet he has a very good record with no breaks and was that break just a blip because of the other horse breaking at the start? are there enough BUTS AND HOWEVERS here? is there enough doubt here for you? i did not bet. number 7 went off as an even money favorite and went from last place to first place down the stretch as he was flying like he was shot out of a cannon. 

race 9

number 2 lost as the favorite in its last race but did not become a favorite tonight. of the remaining horses , number 3 and number 7 both had strong angles but both were moving up in class...thus no bet. number 3 won at 7-1 just to piss me off. if you find the amount of passed races annoying imagine me sitting here for 4 hours watching these races waiting for a bet.

race 10

i looked at this race and saw a very strong angle and was upset instead of happy because i knew the horse was going to go off at 1-5 if not lower. number 2 was massively strong and everyone could see it and its odds opened at 1-5. the odds rose to 3-5 which still wasn't worth the hassle. i didn;t play him but even if i did.....the second choice had to come second yet again to erode the place pool, not that it would have made a big difference.....and number 2  took the lead soon after the first turn and there wasn't much doubt after that. the second choice, number 7, closed very slowly in the stretch and number 2 won by about 3/4 of a length. if i had bet i would have got a 2.30 place pay out and the INSULT , YET AGAIN, of it playing more to show...2.40 than to place.  

for the night...on 200 bets per race.....i am up 190 bucks.....3 for 3. prevoius night i was 3 for 4 and up 120 bucks. but the pay offs tonight were rip offs. like i said..this is just one track....with off track betting theatres you can bet multiple tracks. thus that 310 bucks in 2 days could 3 or 4 times as much potentially if you are play multiple tracks. sticks to big tracks with big betting pools..this method will not work at the small bum fuck tracks. 

horse racing place bet system


here is a method i find works consistently. once you find a horse you think is a contender you place your bet on the horse. then you find a secluded place from which you have a clear view of the race track. from this location you mount your sniper rifle and shoot any horse that threatens to beat your horse during the race.
 okay, just kidding. but i do have a method of play that i will give the gist of. there are certain 'angles' or spot plays to be on the look out for. these are certain types of races or situations that produce a high rate of winners. i'll give you one example of a strong angle.....the horse was the favorite in its last race and lost that race and is the favorite again today. this angle is extremely powerful as the selected horse will win a high percentage of the time ....close to 66 percent of the time a losing favorite will win win next time out if it is the favorite again. if you bet such a horse to place....that means, to finish at least second or better,,,,you will be cashing a ticket 80 percent of the time, although for less than you would make if you bet it to win. 
 now we get to the basic rules of my method. you read the past performances of the program and find a horse that has a strong winning angle. IF that horse is the favorite or the second choice in the betting pool, you bet that horse to place. IF it is not the favorite or the second choice, then you bet whoever else is the favorite to place. that is it in a nut shell. that is the trick. this method works because it identifies where the smart money is going. simply put, if something looks too good to be true it probably is. if you spot a horse who has a past performance that makes him a solid contender who should be an even money favorite or else very low in odds and yet it is going off at 5-1 on the tote board, it is usually NOT  a horse the betting public has 'over looked..' something is up. as anyone who has played the stock market will tell you..if a stock looks cheap, if it looks like a usually isn't. the betting market is very efficient over time and rarely are strong contenders 'over looked.' finding 'overlays' at the track is a myth. 
 that is the basic method but there are certain rules that should be followed. 1) limit races to where there is ONE strong contender. do not bet on any race where you do not find a STRONG ANGLE. 2) do not bet on any race where there is a very strong favorite below 3/ this eats up the place pool and why bet 2 dollars to get back 2 dollars and 10 cents? 3) do not bet on races where the odds of the top three horses are so close together that it is not CLEAR who the favorite is. for example...the odds of the top three horses are 2-1, 2-1, 5-2.......pass these races. this usually happens when there is more than one STRONG CONTENDER. 4) no horse that is moving UP in class is ever bet....even if its last races rates as a STRONG ANGLE. just don't do it do not bet on it. this will serve you well in the long run. this rule is inflexible. 5) pass races where too many horses are coming from different tracks and they are showing decent support in the betting odds. there is just too much uncertainty in such races. but i do look at horses that are coming from higher class tracks. 
 i have about 5 STRONG ANGLES that i look for when using this method but i find the most confident bet i make is when one of my contenders is NOT the favorite or second choice and i bet whoever else is the favorite of the race. quite often these horses win with ease, they romp to victory going away by 3 lengths or more. i am willing to share some of these angle if anyone out there has some input on this method and any ideas to share with me. 
  here is one more strong indicator, as a gift. the horse has finished second by a length or less. both the second place horse and the winner finished 5 lengths or more ahead of the rest of the horses. a horse that finishes a very close second by such a wide margin on the rest of the field will win its next race about 40 percent of the time!!!! this angle needs you to do a bit of work and look at result charts to find these situations but it is beautiful because this information is hidden on the past performance lines. all they will show is that it finished a tight second and not reveal that it has 6 lengths or more on the rest of the field!!!  simply put....a horse that finishes second in this manner might as well have won by 6 lengths. and you get a good price on it because this information is hidden. 
 you will notice that i do not mention TIME very much in my method. this is because i find that the TYPE of race ends up being more important than how fast the race was. but if there is a horse that has a 2 second or more advantage over the other horses to just pass the race. it will probably go off as a 1-5 or 1-9 favorite anyway. 

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