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Live, Love with all your heart and Laugh always as tomorrow is never promised....I love my Good Guy!!
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Time to move on..........!!

I joined this game site in January and was really excited to start something new, as my previous game site was changing drastically and I no longer had fun on there anymore. I miss it everyday.
I find this site has so many game limitations, not enough games to play.. I play these games and actually learned how to play pool, thanks to my son teaching me. I am not really good at it but keep trying, as I am a perfectionist. I have found most gamers on here are trashy and ignorant. I love putting my pics on here as the old game site had avatars.. I am a woman with style and class and without tooting my horn I am really smart. I have met a few nice people but the bottom line on this site is put out or you are unfriended. When I join and I won't mention any names I met a guy whom I thought we had a strong connection, but then I since found out he was using me and went back to another girl. Also met other players some nice, most not nice at all. Everyone on here has an agenda.
I have just become a grandmother to a wonderful, adorable grandson. I cannot get close to him because of the Cover-19. I never in my wildest dreams would have ever thought that when I have my first grandchild that I would not be able to hold him in my arms. I have visited one time was looking into the front door, the other time was so much nicer as was a beautiful day and I got to see his little fingers and toes. I cannot wait to hold him. My son sends me pics and videos everyday which I cherish.  
I am a sweet woman with a heart of gold and would do anything for a friend. Instead I get ignored, I get no showed and so on.
So with all this being said I will use all my chips and probably move on.
Okay I just unloaded what was on my mind!!!!!n42.gif?v=122  


What is a mom?? A mom is someone who gave birth to an amazing bundle of heaven. A mom will love you and hold you
in her arms and heart forever and always, no matter what as her child is her life!! She will feed you, dress you, and sit up with you when you are sick. A mother nurtures her child and teaches them the ways of the world. A mother can try and try, but once a child is growing older they make their life choices, some not so good and some wonderful.  A mother will be the first one a son calls when he has good news and bad news. A mothers job is simple and wonderful to have a child to call their own.
A mother will hold you in her arms forever and a day!!! 
So to all the amazing mothers on here I want to wish each and everyone of you A HAPPY Mother's Day!!!!!
May your day be filled with much love and laughter as "MOM'S YOU DID GREAT"

We are the world.......

Please here is a youtube link please listen to it::::::  
This song came to me today, and I sat and cried, as how appropriate it is for the chaos we are facing now, all over the
world. I pray for my family and loved ones who are having to face this pandemic and my friends. Please to all who read this send this to someone you love why,  just because........God Bless You & Please Stay Welln36.gif?v=122

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)


Well y'all this shit be getting to real, holy cow!!!! I am in Pennsylvania and we were just put on a STATE OF EMERGENCY.
All Schools are shutdown until further notice.....I went to the pharmacy today to buy hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol or anything to sanitize my home to keep my family safe. Well there was none, nothing, notta, zippo!! My pharmacist said as long as you are constantly washing your hands and do not go to populated places you won't get it.  So now what????  In all my years alive I have never seen a winter like this. Today it is 72 degrees, we should be having cold weather and snow, but our entire winter was simply rain and mild temps. I do believe in Global Warming!!!! The food stores shelves are picked clean, now  normally we would be planning for a big snow and then the stores were emptied because folks thought they never would get out again and stocked up. Yeah I was one of them lol, I wish this  was just a big snow and not this nasty virus. 
So on that note I will just say to any and all across the world be safe, keep hands clean, do not touch your face and may God
Bless you and your families!!!

Okay today is Sunday March 15th, 2020  and our malls and movie theaters and lots of  restaurants  have closed their doors for at least 2 weeks. Everyday this becomes so real now. I won't lie, I am a bit afraid right now, why because if my hub cannot work I will end up in an orange jumpsuit lol.......!!!!! So anyone care to share how they are doing right about now???? Please with all these countries someone please speak up if you know anything more, or know anyone who has been infected or infected yourself.
I send this note with prayers to my fellow safe, careful and God Bless!!  

Okay Today is Tuesday March 17th....Happy St. Patrick's Day. I am Irish and today I received a lucky clover, thank you
GoodGuy, it really cheered me up!! I am not very happy as am feeling a bit trapped. I am use  to running my errands and doing all my girly things, like get my mani/pedi, my hair dyed and shopping!! For those who know me I am always doing this or that and always busyToday, I woke up feeling like why get up, what for, well why because I am alive and have food and drink and my family here who loves me and is healthy. I am going to be a grandmother in May, yes I have a  grandson on the way, of course I worry about my daughter-in-law as she is still working. But my son takes great care of her and her 6 yr. old son. I miss seeing them as we remain cautious of not passing an illness to her or my son.  I feel like we are in an apocalypse but I have faith and we will survive this and then we can all get  on with our regular lives. So if anyone wants to share how they are feeling, it would be great. Thank you and again God Bless You!!!        

Today is April 8th and we are into the cover-19 big time. I was just checking in to see how you in the other parts of the
world are doing??? We are on lock down now, only aloud to grocery and pharmacy wearing face masks and gloves. It is such an ordeal, but I know it will keep me safe. I heard something today that we will be going through this until the end of August.
I surely hope that is wrong. I try to keep busy with house projects and with the weather being so nice now walks are
usually a daily thing. I was in the grocery store today and saw a lot of older folks in there with no face masks and no gloves. I looked at my son and said omg really, I worry about the older people. Most of my family is down in Georgia and I wanted to fly down for a visit but I am not getting on any plane until this is way over. My daughter in law is being induced 3 weeks early and my heart breaks that I won't be able to hold my grandson. My son, the new dad is not even allowed to be in the delivery room with her. It saddens me that she will be without him and I know from our phone chats my son is a bit saddened but he said better safe than sorry.So on that note please tell me or share any stories of this horrific virus and how you are coping and maybe some ideas for things to do would be nice. Please take care my friends and stay well.....God Blessn42.gif?v=122 

To My Walking Dead Fans

Today is Wednesday, March 18th, 2020.......Okay I know I am late with my zombie blog this week as been busy with this pandemic. So Judith was found and then she had to watch her friend die as he was bitten, omg I cried....then all the children are once more united with their broken families, injured but alive......Negan finding Lydia, wow I was afraid but in the back of my mind  after last weeks episode I thought maybe he was playing Alpha, but can I say wow, wow and wow wee Alpha gets killed  and decapitated by Negan...... to have have her head roll  right into Carols boot. So I say today Way to go Negan you fiery, sexy dude and to Carol for setting up this plan all along!! I was very pleased with this episode and looking forward to how the next plan plays out to get Bata, oh yeah!! Bata's going dwony'all !!! Looking forward to any comments you have on this episode.....Be safe my friends and God Bless!!
So all, tonights episode looks like a good one!!! Do not miss it and if you hate commercials like I do,  record it and then watch tomorrow.....enjoy!!

So today 3/9 I have finished watching The Walking Dead:::::wow!!!
I was happy Carol and Ezequiel got back together, I feared though the end of the episode that he would die!
I feel either Darryl or Ezequiel will die in next weeks episode. As for Alpa and Negan are may I say gross and my hope is these badass crazy people will be brought to their knees....And Eugene and his phone friend, how sweet it is for sure, but for some reason I think something is going to happen to Eugene next week, I sure hope not as he adds a bit of  hilarity and sweetness to the show......Judith so brave and wanting to fight who will come for the children now???? Any thoughts or comments
let me know!! As Always thank you for reading my rambles.....Have a wonderful week my friends!!n43.gif?v=122n42.gif?v=122

The Walking Dead-second episode!!


So my dead head fans out there, what did you think of the episode last night....let me know!! to be con't lol, going to watch it now with my son......oh no!!!! Okay back watched the episode and can I say wow!!!!! I was taken by surprise and loved this episode!! It truly was a work of hat is off to the film crew, makeup artists and  the producers on an epic episode.....bravo!! 

The Walking Dead-first episode back

So hey any dead head fans, how did you like this episode???? I thought it was quite riveting and made me anxious a couple times. And omg Negan and Alpha woohoo,  I was quite honestly not surprised lol. And Carol she is a mess!! But you know I feel in one of the next episodes of this season, they will get together as more than friends.....So y'all let me know yours thoughts on the show.....message me or write on my blog......Peace out and smile!!n36.gif?v=122 

The Walking Dead Fans

Hey big shout out for dead fans, the new season starts tonight on AMC, omg I am so excited  to watch it!! Let me know how you felt about the episode!!


Happy Saturday to all!! May you day be filled with sunshine, love and laughter....! 

Happy Valentines to you all...may your wishes come true, may you follow your heart, and enjoy life when you can!!

So my friends , love with you mind, body & soul!!n36.gif?v=122n36.gif?v=122

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