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Live, Love with all your heart and Laugh always as tomorrow is never promised....I love my Good Guy!!
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What is a mom?? A mom is someone who gave birth to an amazing bundle of heaven. A mom will love you and hold you
in her arms and heart forever and always, no matter what as her child is her life!! She will feed you, dress you, and sit up with you when you are sick. A mother nurtures her child and teaches them the ways of the world. A mother can try and try, but once a child is growing older they make their life choices, some not so good and some wonderful.  A mother will be the first one a son calls when he has good news and bad news. A mothers job is simple and wonderful to have a child to call their own.
A mother will hold you in her arms forever and a day!!! 
So to all the amazing mothers on here I want to wish each and everyone of you A HAPPY Mother's Day!!!!!
May your day be filled with much love and laughter as "MOM'S YOU DID GREAT"