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The Butterfly feeling. 2017-10-07

I want to know your thoughts and feeling on the first day you meet your partner, I don't remember the feelings I had in along time.
but i do remember the way you look at me and the way you approach me. I want to have that same feelings when my heart use to race and the day i fell into your arms.

If you can, i would like to hear your story too. giving me a reason to love someone again.n36.115.gif

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  • Hun I would not look for someone that gave me butterflies. I would look for someone I could trust, someone that I know will always tell me the truth even if I may not want to hear it at the time. The butterfly feeling is nice and exciting at the time, but it will fade into a memory in time. Truth, honesty, and knowing you can trust your love will last a lifetime.
  • Izinthehole194 days ago
    Really Dr. Phil... She is asking for your story around the feelings you get when your both wonder if they like you as much as you like them. Then suddenly you realize they do, but your still not totally sure yet. It has begun though. These feelings of desire are mutual and will come on as fast as you both let them and they are so intense because the chemistry is there as well. So a simple touch of hands is felt up your back to a head tingling smile. you cant help but be a bit nervous for now the kiss is next and when and how could break the rush or intensify it even more.......its so......
  • leedsunitedbren192 days ago
    Hey your beautiful and someone will soon find u and that someone might be here right now but seriously u will find someone eventually.
  • Rest assured, your special partner is out there waiting for you, and you will find "The One!" very soon. Your words tell me that you deserve the very best.