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Pool 8 - 2009

Pool 8 - 2009
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      I was watching bridezillas a little bit ago because I could not sleep.   One of the brides on that said something to her dog that not only brought back bad memories to me but also made it very clear to me that someone I once loved and respected was treating me like a dog.   Those of you familiar with the events of the past several weeks will know who did it. 

     One of the brides said to her dog, " YOU ARE USELESS TO ME RIGHT NOW." , and someone I once thought highly of said to me a few weeks ago YOU ARE USELESS TO ME.   It kinda hurts when you realize very clearly that you were treated like a dog, and that the person that did it was acting like an out of control dictator bride.   It never ceases  to amaze me how mean people are to each other.   For her to say to me what another tyrant said to her dog is surreal.   And like a good little puppy I took it for a long time, but this dog is about to bite back if people do not start treating me like I a human being instead of a dog. 

     It is partly my fault though that  I was treated like this so long.   I was so desperate to be part of their group and to be needed like they pretended I was at one time that I allowed it to go on.   It may still have been going on had they not of over played their hand in calling my friends names and then  saying that to me on top of it when I stood up for my friends.