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Pool 8 - 2009

Pool 8 - 2009
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     It is funny how life works out everyone is always so eager to think the worst of those they call their friends that they do not see what is right in front of them.   I had someone say some not so nice things about me that were allegedly widely known.   I talked to someone who seemed to confirm at least part of it, UNTILL I pointed out the person that was allegedly supposed to have told the second person he did not like me had contacted me nearly a month ago out of the blue to tell me that they had no problems with me and were not mad at me.   I am thinking that was the same day. lol apparently she had asked him if he was mad at me and he had said no and then he felt strongly enough to contact me personally to make sure I knew they were not mad at me.

     Now what is weird here is I have pulled back away from the meeting place where people allegedly were not coming cause I was there and THEY ARE STILL NOT COMING in fact those that used to go with me are not coming in much either now, but still the ones that caused the decrease still want to say it is my fault. lol    It is funny how things work out.   The cause the people to pull back and want to blame me.   When I said take a pole of who all does not come in cause I am there and see I was told it was already done and that there were people that said it was true.   I answered who did you pole your click?   You see I know for a fact those that were regulars before the trouble started were not poled, and they were the ones that were there the most.  

     I am taking the summer to re center myself and then in the fall I will decide what I will do next.   I am hoping some of my anger at the lies that were told about me will drain away in the warm summer sun shine. lol The problem is we have had a lot of rain lol.   I will keep you posted.