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Pool 8 - 2009
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    As promised here is an update on my family gathering.  The weather was very winter like on the trees and the grass , but the road was clear for the journey.   It was not nearly as stressful as I thought it would be.    I had managed to work out presents for my sister in laws parents.  My kind sister in law got in the back with her parents and allowed me to set up front with my brother.   That helped me keep from feeling so trapped in.   I have bad claustrophobia.   When we got there my sisters family had the place set up beautifully.   I gave my sister the Santa Clause table sitter I had made her as a hosts present, and the memorial ornament I make her with the loved ones we lost over the years pictures in it.   It had our parents, our brother and sister in law and my sisters husband.   I thought she would put it on the family tree at the gathering, but when she saw it she instructed me to take it in and put it high up on the tree in her living room.   I knew in her doing that she did not want the kids to break it.  
     The kids were so excited they wanted to get to the presents right away, but we always eat first then presents then any activities that are planned for the event.    I had made my oldest great niece a special necklace from a sea shell my brother ( her late grandfather) had brought back with him from his first trip to the ocean when he was around 16 years old.   I wanted her to have it because she was his only granddaughter.   She took it out and put it in the truck so it did not get broke or lost.   I used glass beads on the chain.
     All the food was so good as it usually is.   My niece makes the best ham gravy.   I do not know how she does it , but her ham gravy is never salty.   I heard the best news ever at the party.   My niece that has been working away from home for the past several years because of a downsize in the company she works for is getting transferred to a plant back near home and is getting a raise.   That was the best present ever to the whole family.   She and her husband have 2 little girls and for about 4 years they have been running the family from 2 states him here with the girls on the week days and her down in wv.   The only times she got to see her daughters was on weekends and on vacations.   Her oldest daughter is turning 13 this week and I noticed 2 years ago when my brother died at his wake her oldest daughter was really missing her mom.   The younger daughter was handling it better because she was always a daddy's girl even when she was a baby. 
     We played this game called candy bar bingo.   The people at the table I was sitting at was winning all the games the other table never won one.   My nephews wife won like 3 games and I won 1 their son won 1.  

     My nieces step daughter was there she has gotten so tall.   I was not sure who she was at first, but I should have known lol all her dads kids look just like daddy. 
     I could not believe all the presents I got.   Especially from my sister and her youngest daughters family.   Usually I get 1 or 2 from my sister and 1 from her daughter.   This year I got 3 from her daughters family and 4 from my sister.   I was like wow someone loves me.    Actually it looked like everyone loved me this year n0.116.gif .   My brother carried my gifts for the family in to the party and theirs to me out to the truck and into my house for me.   I love my family.   They are not perfect, but they are way better then some of my friends families.

     I was a little annoyed at my sister when I found out she deliberately did not tell me my sister in laws parents would be there.   She said she knew how I felt about the mother and was worried how I would react.   I was like seriously?    You actually thought I would react better finding out at the very last minute then I would if I had time to get it set in my mind.   Sometimes I think the girl does not understand me at all. lol   I can deal with anything as long as I know what is happening.   It is when I am hit with surprises that I sometimes melt down like I did in that earlier blog.