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     I have a neighbor that I love like a daughter.   Her and her whole family are very good to me, and I appreciate everything they do for me. She is fun to be around most of the time,and I would do about anything I could for her, BUT she does one thing I would just want to smack some sense into her for doing.   A few years ago she quit smoking and last year she started it back up again.  She has copd and really should not be smoking at all, but she does not listen when I try to get her to stop again. 
     Recently things have become a problem for me.  The housing complex we both live in has put into place a no smoking inside the buildings rule.   As a result she has taken to smoking on her porches.   I do not have an air conditioner so I rely on fans to keep my house cool in the summer.  She knows I use window fans and  in fairness she has even offered to lend me an air conditioner. ( I told you they were good people. ), but I told her no .   I grew up in the mountains and I love fresh air when it is warm enough to have the windows open.  Here is my problem EVEN THOUGH SHE LIVES 3 DOORS AWAY some how the smoke from her smoking on her porch every dang morning is getting sucked into my house so strongly it wakes me at 8 30 every morning.  I wake up to the smell of smoke gathering in my lungs, and sinuses.  If she just smoked one cigarette I would probably not even notice it, but when she sets there on her porch in the morning she chain smokes that creates a lot more smoke, because it is right against the building it travels to my window and into my house.   I have never smoked myself and have banned smoking inside my house sense my mother died of it in 1989.   I think it sucks I have to have a house full of smoke every day and she does not because t all blows my way. 
     I have dropped hints ( hoping she would catch them) about the smoke being pulled into my house, but it does not work.  She is also bipolar, and I really do not want to set off her bad side.  I lost a good friend one time when I said something to her bipolar self and her bad side turned on me for it.  That was years ago.   I do not want to lose another friend that way.
   I do not know maybe I would not be as mads about this if I had not gotten a house full of smoke round 9 last night from her setting on her porch smoking and my fan dragging it into my house.   It is ironic is it not she says my house is too stuffy for her when I do not have the fans in the windows, but she is part of the reason I take them out when I do.   I just want to smack some sense into her.  Oh and in case you are wondering why I do not put the fan in the window on the other side of the house.  BEEN THERE DONE THAT.  On those days she ends up smoking on the other porch ,and same effect on the other side of my house.
     What do you do when you have someone who is such a really good person that has one fault that is driving you nuts?   She is under a lot of stress and I get that, but there are times I think she is using her stress as an excuse to smoke more.   Venting my frustration out here keeps me from saying something to some one I love that I will not be able to take back.  I just think she would have got the hint when I slammed my window down this morning that the smoke was coming in my house.n1.gif?v=122