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Pool 8 - 2009

Pool 8 - 2009
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Sweet & Sour Visiters

     My brother and his wife stopped by to see me today. I was surprised when they brought me a Shamrock shake. I love those shakes.   I was showing them some pictures I had painted, and my brother started taking shots at them immediately.    I will admit I am not the best attest in the world, but if I were as bad as they say 2 different people would not have paid me to paint pictures for them.   One of the paintings was a light house, and the other was a horse. The horse took the longest,b because it had an odd shaped head.   I showed them a snap shot I had taken of that picture before I turned it over to the woman that had commissioned it.  My sister in law used to compete in horse shows, so she knows what horses look like, but even when I showed them the snap shots of the actual horse provided by the owner they still thought my picture was not a good one.
     It is all most like they could not stand to see me happy. They had to upset me before they left. My brother has been like that his whole life. I do not know why he gets like that any time I am happy. I do not know why he is like that I was never like that with him. When he got asked to join a world wide singing group when he was a kid I was happy for him, and when he got to go on a trip to Gettysburg I thought it was a good opportunity.   Why can he not just let me be happy sometimes?
     Don't get me wrong when I really need him he is there for me, but I give most of the credit for that to our mom.  That is how we were raised to look after family.   Now sometimes I feel like the only way he can fill big bout himself is by trying to make someone else feel small.   I thought I had this problem solved about 15 years ago when I gave him a taste of his own medicine, for years he did not pick at me till he made me cry like he used to now he is starting to do it again.  I asked him if when he goes to his grandsons games if he acts like that with them.   He said he did not , but I am not a kid.   I said nope but I have feelings like a kid would.   He does not seem to get EVERYONE has feelings and when someone you love says something mean to you EVEN IF THEY THINK IT IS FUNNY it still hurt.
   I was happy when they came to see me and brought me a shake that is the sweet of it.  I was sad and cried a little after they left because of the mean things they said that was the sour of it.