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   Have you ever noticed how peoples emotions color their thought processes.   Lets take a couple of my neighbors for example.  They used to be very close.   They were more like family then friends.   In a matter of weeks the friendship did not just fall apart it exploded.   I am not sure exactly what caused it, but I do know the start of the fight came after one of them posted something on Facebook.   I am not sure what was posted but the second person took it personally (as people sometimes do when someone says something too true for them to deal with).   I also know no names were mentioned in the post, but the second one took it to be aimed at her.   Well one thing lead to another and now the 2 women do not even talk, but that is not the worst of it.   One of them is always saying mean things about the other one and trying to get her in trouble over the stupidest things.   She makes her sound like the worst mother on the face of the planet, but I just saw something out my window that makes me wonder.   I was the woman that made the first posting spraying her baby girl with a garden hose and the little girl was giggling so cutely.   Makes you wonder doesn't it,  if she is such a bad mother why would she take her time to bring so much joy to her children?   I think the second woman's anger has colored how she sees things. 
     I have said for years Facebook is not a good thing when people take what they read there too seriously.   Sometimes when people write something down it is just venting off anger ad nothing more.   If people would learn to see it for just that and not take it personally there would be less fights over things posted there.   I think also people should not read things into stuff that was not there in the first place.  Like I said the first post did not say anyone's name in it, but the second woman assumed it was about her and posted stuff about the other woman on her Facebook.   My mom always said if the shoe fits ware it and if it pinches holler, so I am thinking that shoe must have pinched a lot.
     My advice to everyone is do not allow your emotions to color your vision.   Funny thing about the mind it will often see or hear one thing then try to translate it for the person seeing or hearing it.   Funny thing is it does not always relay the words that were first used.   Sometimes it relays what the hearer THOUGHT the other person meant. That is the first color seeping in to the mind the foggy grey that makes things not so clear.   Once they have changed the words that were heard usually comes either the yellow of confusion or the bright red of anger.   That will occasionally be followed by the blue of depression and the muddy brown of despair.   I just wish people would learn to see things as they are not as they think they are.

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  • GritsnGrace1011 year 10 days ago
    Well said my dear. I too have often said that words typed on a computer or other technical device do not relay the emotion of the speaker. Which is why so many things that are typed and read by others are sometimes taken the wrong way. The world was a much better place when people talked face to face or over the telephone. Then you can tell by the tone of their voice the true meaning of their words.