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We're all star stuff. ~Carl Sagan
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I am a computer programmer by trade and a scientist at heart.
Interesat/ă de
I enjoy science/physics and learning what makes the universe tick.
Filmele favorite
Babylon 5 (sci-fi series on a space station). Well... that was before Game of Thrones. Now I have a new favorite. But you've got to be OK with lots of blood and sex... and dragons.
Muzica favorita
Classical, Rock, good Country, whatever (no rap)
Cărţile favorite
The Whole Shebang by Timothy Ferris
Lucruri care-mi plac
Nature, astronomy, physics, sailing, writing, computer programming, video games (4X strategy), furry animals, my cats. And yes, of course, beautiful women, duh.
Lucruri care nu-mi plac
Negativity, hate mongers

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