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PeOpLE mY FoRgEt WoRdS YoU SaY.....bUt ThEy WiLl nEvEr FoRgEt HoW YoU MaKe tHeM FeEL
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Poker Texas Hold'em

Poker Texas Hold'em

Poker Texas Hold'em
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Poker Texas Hold'em

Poker Texas Hold'em

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Dependent de Mahjong


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“Who am I ? Who am I trying to be ? Not myself, anyone but myself. Living in a fantasy to burry the reality, making myself the mystery. A strong façade disguising the misery. Empty but beyond the point of emptiness. Filled to the brim of fake confidence. A god that would never be broken because I broke a long time ago. I’m hurting but don’t tell anyone, no one needs to know. Don’t show or you failed. Always ok, always fine, always on the show. The show must go on, it would never stop. The show must not go on but I know it will. I give up, I give up giving up. I am lost. I don’t need to be saved, I need to be found.” “The cracks within us are the beautiful parts that need to have light shone on them.” -Cara Delevingne.
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ACTION movie
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La Galigo
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playing with my cat ^_^
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