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At the beginning of the game players receive 13 cards each. The rest of the cards are laid face-down on the one side of the table (stock pile) and a single card is drawn from the stock pile and is laid down face-up (discard pile)

Starting the game in Rummy 500. The player gets 13 cards.

The aim of the game is to lay all the cards down in groups of equal rank and suit sequences (at least of 3 cards, e.g. 5c 5d 5h, 8c 9c 10c ).

Every turn consist of:

  • Drawing - the starting player draws one card from one of the piles. If there is more than one card on the discard pile, then the player is allowed to take one or more cards from this pile, starting
  • from the lowest card in the pile, that could be melded or laid off.
  • Melding - after drawing a card, the player may display a group of cards or a suit sequence on the table to earn points.
  • Laying off – you can add a card or cards to groups or suit sequences to the cards that are already displayed on the table.
  • Discarding – player must discard a single card to the discard pile. Card that was drawn from the discard pile can not be discarded on the same turn.

A move by a player in the game Rummy 500.

When drawing a card from the discard pile, the lowest laying card among those that were has to be used when melding in the turn. The card is autamatically marked, when it can be used to meld or to be laid off. If the card could not have been used to meld or to be laid off then we would not had been allowed to take it from the pile.

The round ends when one of the players discarded all his cards or there are no more cards in the stock pile, and points are summed up.


Cards' scoring value:

  • Ace – can be scored for 15 pts. or 1 pt. depending on how it was used when melding or laying off.
  • 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings - 10 pts.
  • Cards from 2 do 9 are scored from 2 to 9 pts. respectively.

For melding groups or sequences, player receives points, which are a sum of the score values each melded card represents, e.g. 9h 10h Jh = 9 + 10 + 10 = 29 pts.; 6c 6d 6s = 6 + 6 + 6 = 18pts.

If the round has ended, the sum of remaining of pts. of the remaining cards is substracted from the overall sum of the points.

Getting any number of cards from the stack in the 500th game Rummy

End game

The game ends, when one of the players reaches a specific number of points (100, 200 or 500), or is out of the time – such player always loses. The winner is a player with highest total score, which is a sum of scores of all the rounds played.