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peace & tranquility
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Bilard 8 - 2009

Bilard 8 - 2009

Bilard 8 - 2009
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Let me absolve you
Of the past that controls you
I just want to know what you look like
Without a weight on your soul
I know somewhere we could get away
If you want to find another place, like
Disappear and never leave a trace
I'll take you anywhere you want

Disarm you - Kaskade


Do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man?

I am bitch!

-- B


Is it really that strange if I always wanna change? 
And if only the time and space between us wasn't lonely 
I'd disintegrate into a thousand pieces

- halsey

end of the year

how weird is it to be anything at all? 

that is my thoughts for this upcoming year. 

it was a year full of ups and downs -- quite literally.

hoping for a year full of happiness, sobriety, and a sense of belonging. 

xo blake