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Not the sharpest saw in the box..?

So, Jed had finally inherited the farm, where had worked since he was a child. His Dad had passed away and left Jed to carry on supplying cordwood to all his neighbouring folks. One cold January morning (-12 degrees) Burt came along for his usual order, one trailer load of logs for his burner. Burt was concerned to see Jed sweating ,despite the cold, sawing away with his hand saw on a tree nestling on the trestles.
"You come for your order Burt? " said Jed
"Sure Jed but firstly can I have a word?"
"As many words as you like , they don't cost nuthing, cept time" says Jed.
Burt cast a withering glance at the old handsaw that Jed had laid aside.
"Jed, you are working too hard here, have you never considered using a chain saw?"
"Don't know nuthing bout them new fangled things...." said Jed.
Burt replied "Look I can get you one for $500 ...brand new & guaranteed to save you working yourself to death.
"That's an awful amount of money & logs.." says Jed.
"Tell you what, said Burt, "If you dont get your money back in logs in two months, I will refund your money"
Jed thought about this long and hard, he trusted Burt, so finally a lot of soiled greenbacks changed hands.
Burt departed with ," It will be delivered tomorrow,direct the instructions, I will look in on you at the weekend"
"Ok Burt..n thank you kindly"
The weekend arrived and Burt dropped in to see Jed sawing furiously with his old bandsaw.
Perplexed he went over, "Jed, what happened with the new chain saw?"
" I just couldn't get on with it, it was heavy and I just wasted $500" came the reply.
"Did you read the instructions?...I can't understand this" said Burt
Jed just blushed furiously.
"Fetch me the saw Jed, I will check it out,it may be faulty" says Burt.
The saw was duly fetched,looking good as new,with just some chunks of wood on the shiny new blade.
Burt checked it over, flicked the ON switch and pulled the starter cord,the engine powered into life with a deep growl.
"OMG!" said Jed putting his hands over his ears "What is that NOISE!!!"