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Its Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is a very emotionally-charged holiday, perhaps even more so than Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day we are all acutely aware of being single — as we’ve all been there at one point in our lives and some of us longer than others for our own reasons...But on Mother’s Day many women suffer in silence, and many don't know the heartache they silently endure.so many women (and some men too) are hiding their pain from the world, Who wonders whether it would have been a boy or a girl. Who dreams of what their face would look like. And prays that she will finally meet her sweet child in heaven someday. There are the children grieving the loss of their own Mother. They might be all grown up, they might have families of their own. But what they wouldn’t give for one more Mother’s Day with their own mom. The “bonus” moms or Step Mothers who feel more like forgotten Moms on this day. Who don’t get cards from the school because there is only time to make one card in class. Who never have their whole family together to celebrate as one. but still play a huge role in their child's life but sometimes never gets the full recognition, they love the same as a biological parent sometimes more...Then there are the women who would give anything to become a Mother. But can’t. The unfairness is incomprehensible. There are mothers who have lost children. Who never dreamed that things would happen in the wrong order. That they would bury their child and not the other way around. How could this ever be a happy day again? There are the children who are estranged. Words, hurt feelings, anger. So much has happened and there is a gulf between them and the person that brought them into this world. There are the mothers who are estranged. Their children are still here, but yet they are gone. Perhaps it was a fight. Or perhaps drugs have taken priority over everything, and all a mother can do is wait and pray. I am blessed I have adopted 3 children my son 24, my daughter 11 and my daughter in heaven who would have been 19 this year..I can relate to all of the above and I know many more can as well, I vowed as a young girl to never be the Mother mine was and I can honestly say being a Mom is the one thing I may have gotten right in this crazy world of ours,,,I didn’t set out to write a bitter blog post, but rather to encourage us all to show compassion for those that might be hiding sadness behind their smiles today. And to be kind to yourself too. It’s ok to feel sad, even if you think you’re “supposed” to feel happy. Even when there ARE reasons to celebrate, this day can still trigger painful memories of years past that weren’t so joyful. Or maybe there is still a hole, a missing piece. Mother’s Day IS a reason to celebrate. But it is also a sad reminder for some of us. Be kind to yourself mama. You may be sad, but you are loved. Your children may be gone, but you are still a mother. Your mother may be gone, but you’re still her child. You may not have your own child yet, but you have the spirit of motherhood in your heart. You may be having a wonderful day, but there is just something missing. Or a little bit of sadness forcing its way through the cracks in your tough exterior. And that’s ok. We’re all there with you. We’re all grieving too. All in different ways, Have a blessed day all ;)